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Hi, this is my problem and my first Thread (I'm desperate ).

I have a Sony Bravia KDL-46EX720 approximately after 6 months of use one night there was a thunderstorm and the phone line burned down the network card in my laptop and the modem and my (connected by ethernet cable to a router), the other day I turned on my TV (that night was off but connected by ethernet) and the following occurs:

Shows the Sony logo lights and sound on, then put a black screen (but lit) and so takes 30 seconds and turns off and on again it does 4 times and then completely shut down and display the standby LED blinking 8 times.

I have searched many places the meaning of the 8 blinks in some places say it is the flyback on other sites is the sound, I guess it's the card that BATV is the one connected to the network card, even if I turn on and light of the router port connected to the TV is turned on.

I tried a power reset power button (to power on) top arrow hold click and release power button and nothing happens I also tried to enter the service menu and nothing the only text that shows the TV is the Sony logo. Try also boot with a flash drive with the firmware but I guess if I do not see the menu much less going to update the firmware. The TV had damaged before automatic updates and was connected directly to a router, I had a ups so I do not think it is for the line voltage.

On Ebay I found the card very cheap BATV but not if you buy it because I'm not sure that is. I've been offline for over a month (I hurt the November 7, 2011 has been two months now) and I connected and still the same.

Of course it takes you guarantee that you buy from amazon U.S. and the warranty does not cover it in my country and the Sony service is almost as expensive as the same TV.

Here I made a video with the TV behavior

I would appreciate any information or assistance. thank you very much.