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Official Panasonic BT190/1950/490 Owner's Thread

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Panasonic announced three new 2012 HTIB systems today at CES, expected to be available in April. The spec sheets are not available yet for each unit, but this looks like it might be a step back. Only the 490 has HDMI in, while more than one current model has that feature. The 370 could be a good choice if it's heavily discounted in Feb/March, though it doesn't have integrated wireless.

Panasonic Introduces Smart Network 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Home Theater Systems With Enhanced Sound Quality

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Panasonic is pleased to introduce three new Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc™ home theater systems, SC-BTT490, SC-BTT195 and SC-BTT190, that employ advanced technologies to reproduce clearer, enhanced theater-like surround sound to skillfully match high-quality 3D imagery. The integration of smart networking functions including Smartphone remote control, DLNA, Wireless LAN, digital music connection for iPod®/iPhone® and VIERA Connect™ complements traditional home entertainment for an enriched, user-friendly audio/video experience.

Equipped with 3D Cinema Surround as a standard feature, the new models are a perfect match for high-definition 3D video. A state-of-the art Panasonic technology, Cinema Surround produces impressive theater-like surround sound through a total of 30 real and virtual speakers. Panasonic's proprietary direction perception control technology allows for sound to be perceived as coming from the correct direction. Additionally, Anti-Jitter Digital Amplifiers reduce jitter and distortion that can affect audio clarity, producing pure, brilliant high-quality sound with a full surround effect that rivals larger home theater systems.

The home theater systems also feature a digital music connection for iPod /iPhone,(*1) which minimizes sound degradation allowing users to enjoy their favorite iPod tunes with pure sound that is highly faithful to the original source.

Not only do the 2012 home theater systems offer improved sound quality, but they are also equipped with a variety of features to enhance the home entertainment experience. VIERA Connect™(*2) has been expanded to offer users a wider variety of online content. From sports and video-on-demand movies, as well as streaming content, to gaming and communication, users can find a wide-array of content which has been improved for greater convenience and enhanced enjoyment. Users can also utilize their home theater systems to easily connect to Netflix, Cinema Now, YouTube, Facebook and Skype(*3) to increase the entertainment options that they can enjoy with family and friends from the comfort of their sofa.

For simple, intuitive operation, the new home theater systems are compatible with the Panasonic Smartphone Remote Control app(*4) which enables users to easily operate the system by tapping and swiping their Smartphone screen. Users can easily input characters with the key pad on their Smartphone to access their favorite sound effects, and can quickly search for additional entertainment and movie information.

A smart home networking tool that makes it easier to share and enjoy digital photos, music, and videos in the home environment, the DLNA function allows users to access, browse and view content stored on a server while in another room without having to worry about shuffling discs. An easy-to-use feature, the smart network is made possible with the help of an internal wireless LAN capability on Blu-ray Disc home theaters which eliminates the need for a LAN cable connection. Additionally, the SC-BTT490 contains a Wi-Fi system(*5) built into the main unit so users can enjoy VIERA Connect™(*2) and BD-Live™(*6) content without having to connect their home theater with a LAN cable or wireless LAN adapter.

The SC-BTT490 is equipped with two HDMI inputs in addition to one HDMI output for gaming consoles and set-top box connections and allows signals from connected devices to pass through the unit even when the home theater system is turned off.

The Panasonic Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc home theater systems will be available in April 2012. They will be on display at Panasonic booth #9405 at 2012 International CES at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 10, 2012 through January 13, 2012.
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Some pics posted to missing remote. Looks like only the top end model has HDMI in, down from the top two models for the 2011 line. Lackluster update.

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New details from TWICE--all have HDMI inputs.

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Panasonic site now lists 190 and 195, but not listing 190 as having HDMI in.

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190 and 195 now available for pre-order; neither has HDMI in.
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The 490 is the only one with HDMI in.
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Multiple reviews now on Amazon
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Anyone out there with a 490? Thoughts?
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will 490 have spotify ?or sometihing like that ?

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490 on sale at Costco for $350.

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is 490 good for music too?
is it only for cinema?
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Does the SC-BTT490 have wireless speakers? Specs say wireless ready, do you have to spend another $100 on the transmitter or will it work out of the box?

Guessing subwoofer is not wireless

Answered my own question ...... yes you have to spend $100-$130 to buy the Panasonic branded transmitter since the speaker connections are proprietary and the subwoofer is not wireless.
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Ordered the 490 on deep discount today on Amazon. Will report back after I set it up.
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I'm kind of annoyed I was unable to find clarification on the "proprietary" speaker connections. I wanted to buy Rocketfish but I bought the Panasonic one because I figured Rocketfish would not work with the proprietary speaker connections. The proprietary end is only on the receiver side so as long as you use the Panasonic cables that come with it, it should be able to connect to Rocketfish because the other end is normal.

The SH-FX71 was out of stock everywhere so I ended up buying a refurb, for not much of a savings. Depending on the condition I may try and return it and get Rocketfish.
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I've set up the 490 and am using the HDMI passthrough, which works fairly well. I have a computer and a Tivo box on the ins. When the unit is off, the switch works well, toggling back and forth between the two inputs without too much of a lag. The streaming services don't offer too much so far.
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I seem to be unable to get sound on my TV when my BT490 is on. I have a VT50 so I supposed both units would play well with each other, but so far when I try to see something on the TV, the only way to get sound is to turn the BT490 off. Any ideas on what is happening?

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I have my Tivo in to the 490 and then out to the TV, and it works fine.  While the unit is off, the "ipod" button acts as an HDMI switch.  There's also an ARC setting if you're using that.

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Hi guys, I'm looking to pull the trigger on the 490 to accompany my newly purchased TC-P55VT50. However, I can't see where you can buy the wireless module (SH-FX71) new. Most sites say back-ordered. Does anyone know what's going on with Panasonic's production of the wireless module?

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Originally Posted by jrob1973 View Post

Hi guys, I'm looking to pull the trigger on the 490 to accompany my newly purchased TC-P55VT50. However, I can't see where you can buy the wireless module (SH-FX71) new. Most sites say back-ordered. Does anyone know what's going on with Panasonic's production of the wireless module?

Yeah, its not available. I called Panasonic a few weeks ago and CSR said possibly will be back in stock in a month - not discontinued.

I tried to buy a used one from Amazn Warehouse deals but it didnt even have the transmitter and it went for more than it has sold for new. I do not suggest the used route. It was quickly returned for a full refund.

As an alternative I bought Rocketfish. It works however it does not integrate like the Panasonic, you need an electrical outlet for both the transmitter and receiver (with Panny you just need an outlet for a receiver). The other negative is that it uses the original speaker jacks so you do not have the option of adding 2 more speakers to make it 7.1.

The positives though are a) Its available b) It can be used with other systems too where as the Panasonic is specific to this model line.


One issue I am having is with the hdmi audio pass through. I have my ATT Uverse box output to Panasonic and then Panasonic to tv. The audio works sometimes, but sometimes it does not. Not sure why. If anyone has suggestions on troubleshooting steps would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I have an HTPC connected to the 490 and I sometimes loose audio. Not sure if it's a Windows issue or a 490 issue, I lean towards the computer. If I restart it usually corrects the problem, and I have not had this issue with cable.

I also have a Tivo and listen to my iTunes library wirelessly, but sometimes because I have the Tivo connected through the 490, the Tivo can't see my Mac. It's a little irritating.

I used the MLS app recently and it was pretty cool to watch game highlights wirelessly via an app. Unfortunately, it locked up, maybe because of bandwidth, so it wasn't usable.
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Thanks for the update...I hope this unit becomes available soon!
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Anyone with any of the Panny HTIBs been able to stream MKVs through DLNA with a Mac?  I'm running XBMC and Plex and the 490 can see the servers but not read any video files in the folders.

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HI Guys Just signed up and need some help.

Netflix Audio Constantly stops working on this system. I own the 490 Which I just got 2 weeks ago.

Everything else Internet wise works, Hulu, Youtube, Amazon Prime.

Netflix works for a few days then Bam.. NO audio on Netflix at all!!!! Video Plays fine.

The only way to fix this is to do a Reset to Factory settings on the Blu-ray Itself when you power it down. This means when you do it you have to re-add your netflix and other software and re-sign into everything. Which by the way is a PITA using the remote.

I can purposely break it buy going into audio settings and setting the Audio Delay from Auto to anything else. Unfortunately my TV does not support Arc and even with all the post Video Encoding Settings on my TV off, I still need about a 20 to 30ms delay to get the sync lined up.

If I leave it on Auto, Everything is good for about 2 days and then it stops working again. This is absolutely driving me crazy!!! We watch a lot of netflix. We are hooked up via Lan, so Streaming from Wireless is not the problem.

Has anyone had issues with audio that completely Stops working on Netflix?

Can anyone please be brave enough to see if they change the Audio Delay from Auto to something else to See if they can repeat the problem and break the audio on Netflix from working.

I have the most recent firmware installed as it was the first thing I did when I set up my blu-ray.

Have not contacted panasonic yet, but will soon if I cant figure this out. It really!!! Sucks!!! Im loosing my mind here.


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I've got a question, considering buying this system primarily for the Home Theater System, not the 3D Blu-Ray player (I use my PS3)

Will the system allow me to connect my PS3 to it for the surround sound for the Dolby TrueHD/ DTS HD Audio then pass through the 3D signal to my TV??

And how is the 3D player compared to the PS3, should I just forget the PS3 and use this 3D player? Sure it would be easier, but I've heard that a PS3 is one of the best Blu-Ray Players?

I'm in an apartment and on a tight budget, but want to enjoy the full HD Sound, my current HTIB system cannot since it's not 3D and I am limited by using Digital Optical Cord.

Or if you have any other suggestions that would be great!!!
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It will pass video through just fine, but can't speak to whether it will pass through 3D. Don't know why it wouldn't. I have a PC and Tivo going into the 490.
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I bought the sc-btt490 and set it up; works perfectly. Then I downloaded the Panasonic Theater Remote 2012 app for my iPhone 5. I tried using the app with the receiver wired to my router first, but the app wouldn't detect the receiver. So I tried by connecting the receiver to my Wi-Fi and the app still wouldn't detect the receiver. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Anyone knows if Costco will sell BTT490 again soon?
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Hello guys,

I am having a problem with my BTT490. I am trying to connect the rear speakers wirelessly. I have hooked it up to Rocketfish Universal Kit, both old and new, and now to Panasonic SH-FX71. The sound test goes good, and I can hear the static hiss when all the speakers are tested, including the wireless. However when there is a movie on, the front speakers and sub work, but not the rear speakers. They did work when they were connected directly to the home theater unit. I am baffled at what else can be done for them to work. Thanks for the help!
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Anyone having problems with BR discs freezing and/or not playing properly? I've tried three different discs and all three freeze before not too long. The the whole system slows to a halt and I have to turn it off. I thought it was certain discs but it seems like it's a unit issue.
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