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Soundbar Options

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Hi all,

I have a 40" LCD and looking for some half decent front speakers. I decided the best option would be probably to look for a nice soundbar. Any opinions on the following options?

Boston Acoustics Tvee Model 30
Samsung HW-D550
Sony HT-CT550

I saw some people mentioning on here that the CT-150 is better fidelity than the CT550. Does that still hold true?
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No takers?

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Depending on the size of your room, I'd suggest you try Energy with 8" wireless sub. They are around 200 on sale at Frys every couple weeks or so.
Initially, I wasn't impressed with it until after couple weeks, after the breaking in period has passed, thats when I started hearing what its capable of.
The sound from the bar is crisp and clear, the downfiring sub produces nice balanced bass.
Mind you that this set up is not going to do in larger spaces, I have 20X30 space and it wasnt filling up the room. But anything smaller, like an apartment lv.rm or a smaller bedroom - it would do just fine.
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