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Two unmatched subs

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Currently have an SVS PB10-NSD and a Hsu VFT 2.4. What are the downsides of using them at the same time? They sound well right now but I did notice that the SVS woofer hardly moves in comparison to the Hsu.
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Id say the weaker sub could limit the bigger sub. BUT I used a weaker sub before with my LFM EX and never had an issue
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I'm thinking of adding a second sub to my HT and it would have to be different from my current one as mine is long out of production. I'm curious as to the potential drawbacks of using two different models from two different companies, as well as the potential upsides.
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Can you get a similar spec one?
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I'm sure I can find one that is similar--it performs decently (it is a Boston Acoustics PV900 and my REW runs show it to be an honest performer vis a vis its published specs in my room, with a strong output from 80hz--my crossover of choice--to 25hz with useable, if not spectacular output down to 20hz). It has a 300 watt BASH amp and a 12 inch driver. It is downward firing and ported.

I'm quite happy with it (especially since adding an Antimode 8033 last spring) and could easily live with it on its own for a while longer. However, as anyone who hangs out at AVS knows, it's always tempting to improve our setup.

I'm contemplating three options:

1) status quo
2) move the PV900 upstairs to the living room (no sub there at present) and get a new sub for the HT
3) add a sub to the HT to join the PV900

Option 2 is the most appealing overall, but it is also the most expensive. It would also mean getting another 8033 as I don't want a non-EQ'd sub anymore in any room in the house.

Option 3 would give my HT more punch (and I can use the 8033 with a second sub without issue). The drawback is my room is not optimal for proper placement of 2 subs. I might be better off, given placement limitations, in replacing it with a better single sub.

No urgency to any of the above, though. Just ideas floating through my head (usually takes 12-18 months before I move from such thoughts to a final purchase--unless I find an exceptional deal).
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If I cannot have a symmetrical placement for two subs, is it better to upgrade to a better single sub solution or can an asymmetrical placement of two subs still beat one sub for a flatter frequency response (which is more important to me than raw output dBs)? Also, would sealed subs work better in an asymmetrical setup?
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