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PT-AE4000U -- on my short list.

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I have the infamous Optoma HD72 lamp ballast issue. (It lasted 5.5 years before having the issue, so I guess I go lucky). Anyway, I am using this as an opportunity to upgrade. However, I'm trying to keep the price reasonable, thus I'm looking for the poor man's CIH room

I am thinking of the following setup (I currently have a 16:9 100" screen).
1. Panasonic PT-AE4000U projector
2. 125" 2.35:1 Screen (use the zoom feature for 2.35 material)

Here are my room specs:
Size 12' x 15'
Light control: middle of the house, no windows, one door opening (no door) that I can control the light with a curtain
Seating: One row on the back wall (yeah, I know not the best)
(Complete details in the link in my sig)

I am wondering if anyone else has a similar setup. According to the projector calculator it should be able to throw a 16:9 100" and a 2.35 125" image at 13'.

Other than making sure my measurements work, what else should I look for and / or consider?

(Anamorphic CIH? Maybe in my next house )
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What are you going to do for a mount? I've read in the AE4000 forums that because of its weight you have to be carefull which mount you get because it will sag over time/have issues. I just bought this projector and I'm getting a Chief RPAU based off of a lot of reading in that thread. Hope that helps.
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thanks, that's good to know. At 19lbs, I would think a ceiling mount that handles 50lbs would be sufficient. I'm looking at the Peerless "Gear" line of mounts. Helped a friend install a projector with this type of mount and it was so much easier than my "freebie" universal mount I received with my first projector. Plus if I can align the thing in 20 minutes instead of 2 hours, that extra money is worth my time
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These have really great lens shift. I usualy drop a shelf from the cieling and mount these right side up. Super easy, more solid and easier to adjust than any mount.
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Interesting thought. However I want to do the poor man's CIH where the lens needs to be no higher than the top of the screen. So with a shelf, I would have less overhead (the shelf itself) than a ceiling mount.
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