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WHS 2011 and WMC and Ceton and Extender and HTPC

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I've been doing a lot of reading and I'm absolutely fried.
This is what I have

Comcast service - don't have HD boxes

Computer Room
- WHS 2011 computer
- Main computer (ceton resides in this currently) Win 7 Home Premium
- Ceton Infin4 card (want to put in server but not sure)

- Linksys DMA 2200 Extender
- Logitech Duet Receiver
- 47" LCD HD TV

Family Room
- Yamaha 3900
- Logitech Duet Receiver
- LG - Netflix cable blu ray player
- HTPC - Gaming Win 7 home premium
- 47" LCD HD TV

I want them to all talk together!
Thought of running WMC because I like the interface but it seems that WHS 2011 won't run it. I only want one computer on at all times (WHS 2011)
Was also planning to put the Ceton in the server and stream recorded shows to the HTPC and the Linksys DMA.

Here are my questions
Will the Linksys DMA 2200 only work on WMC?
If only WMC? Is there an WHS 2011 ad in that will stream to a Linksys 2200 extender or should I get another devise to stream to bedroom?

What software would be an alternative to WMC that would allow me to stream tv to family room and bedroom using the devices I have?

Where should the Ceton go? - Best placed based on my configuration.
To add, I have channels that are HD but no Hd box, The ceton is HD capable so it seems to me that I don't have to pay Comcast $10/month for each HD capable STB. Is that correct thinking?

In a nutshell - want my WHS2011 machine to record HD tv, distribute that to various receivers I have (or will need to buy) Stream ripped DVD/blu Ray to same areas, have an easy to use interface (so my wife can set up and record Tv and play back in either area). Is that too much to ask??

Sorry for the long post but thanks for looking.
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Wrong forum, search here. There are threads about WHS2011 and it should work fine with the Ceton but you won't have WMC on the server, so I don't think it will work with extenders. You have to network bridge the Ceton tuners to other WMC PCs and then have one of them running for extenders.

The Linksys is another matter - it sucks at anything other than live or recorded TV, so it's a WMC extender and little else. You will probably need another solution for ripped BDs (I think the Xbox360 Slim will work if the rips are encoded correctly).

Your family room PC will work for rips and for WMC duty with the Ceton.
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SlowBiscuit- thanks for the reply. Is there another solution besides WMC that would work on the extender and the HTPC and my regular computer?

This would be so much easier if WHS 2011 had WMC.
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Not that I know of now that Sage has been discontinued. But your HTPC cannot be an extender in any case, because Microsoft never enabled that. You'd have to run WMC on it instead of the server if you want to use extenders.

The only other software that has 'extender' capability now is Myth, but that runs on Linux and your Linksys would not work with it.
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What if I got rid of the Linksys 2200 and use something else, what could that something else be? Would allow TV to be streamed to the bedroom (place were the 2200 is currently) be able to stream tv, set up and record tv, and ripped blu rays'.
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Ok... I'm probably going to jettison the DMA 2200 in favor or another device. I was thinking about a cheap htpc build but this is going to be in the bedroom and will be used mainly by my wife to record TV programs and watch them. No gaming (if any very low end games), some internet surfing but mainly as a recorded program delivery device. Since this is the streamer forum, would that be a viable option? I need it to play nice with WHS 2011 and be easy to set up and record shows. I have pretty much decided that the Ceton will be in the WHS 2011 box and will share 1 tuner to this new HTPC, 2 tuners to the downstairs TV and one tuner to my everyday PC.

Does this sound like a plan?

Welcome any comments from, "wtf would you want to do that for" to "that's the best idea since sliced bread!"

Just need a little more guidance.


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