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First time buyer - help needed - receiver/sub

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Hello everyone.

I copied this post from another forum to get more people to look at this and help me out.

This is my first post so please bear with me.

I am new to the realm of sound and have just purchased two Polkaudio Monitor 60 series II on Newegg for $99 each. Got them in the mail today I made the purchase based on overall good reviews, and mainly the price. My intention is to slowly build a decent entry level system piece by piece as my budget allows. 5.1 is fine with me for now and would like to expand later. Hopefully these speakers were a good entry level purchase?

Anyway, I have no receiver or sub and would like suggestions and recommendations for each. The constraints... I would like to spend no more than $400 on both, I was hoping around $150-250 for the receiver and $100-$150 for the sub. I understand this is a really low budget and it can be flexible if it is needed and can be justified. I can be patient on waiting for a deal to pop up online, especially with the sub if anyone knows specific deals that frequently pop up and I should keep and eye out and wait for. I check slickdeals, and craigslist daily, newegg & amazon, this site!, and compare prices using google.

The system will be set up in a small bedroom (12'x13'x8') or living room (20'x12'x8').

I like to play high quality movies from my laptop using the program VLC. I play xbox 360, also have a PS3 to play the limited number of Blu-rays I own. I also like to listen to music while kicking around the house, classic rock, jam bands, jazz, and hip-hop. Those are the primary uses these speakers will get, so 4 hdmi in is ideal.

The size of the sub doesn't really matter 10'' or 12'' I assume would be fine. I listened to the polkaudio psw10 at Best Buy yesterday and it sounded pretty good, it probably wasn't set up anywhere near proper too.

If more information is needed or I left anything significant out let me know. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Happy listening and thank you in advance.
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Keep checking Newegg for deals on recievers. "open box" or year old models get pretty cheap. A Denon 1312, Pioneer VSX-521 or Yamaha 371 would be ones to look for. Don't expect miracles from them but, they are good starts!
As for the sub. Keep checking for the Polk PSW505. Roughly the same price as the 110 when there are deals. It will blow that little PSW110 away! Be patient. Good things will come.
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Thank you for your input. I like the Yamaha 371 ($229 newegg) more than the Pioneer 521 ($150 newegg). The $70 bucks is a big difference there is they will both perform the same. I read reviews on the 521 that the sub setup is difficult. As I don't think I will be getting surrounds in the immediate future simulating surround sound from two speakers is something that is appealing. Do either of the two do that at all or one better than the other?
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The Yammy is good! But, surround with two speakers? Nope. Nada. You can play with speaker spacing with the fronts a little. Spread them a little wider maybe? To get surround, you need a dedicated speaker situated in a specific location.
If you hurry, you could get a pair of Monitor 30s from Newegg for under $100! Great for surrounds!
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Thanks again for the post Karl. I like the deal on those monitor 30s, I might go with those. I am also looking into the cs1 and the cs2. $65 on sale at the egg for the cs1, and $110 for the cs2. The cost effective route seems like the best option for me but. I just would like to feel happy with my purchase of a cs1 knowing I am getting a good product as I don't plan on buying another soon. Generally speaking does the cs1 pair better with the 60s than the cs1? I still need to find a receiver that will power these. 7.1 system would be nice with the pro logic iiz as someday I see myself utilizing that feature. Sale ends tomorrow so hoping to hear something back soon.
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Here is my opinion on the whole CS1/CS2 debate. I have the CS1 which I have paired with both my Monitor 50s and Monitor 40s for the front "stage". My room is 12 X 18. 98% of the time, I DO NOT listen to anything even close to "reference" levels and sit about 8 feet from the speakers. The CS1 does a good job. Now, if you sit farther back and listen at high volume levels, I would consider the CS2. Space might also be a consideration as the CS2 is kind of big. A lot of it also has to do with how everything is physicly set up. You can set the "crossovers" in the AVR at different levels. The frequency at which the sub takes over from the main speakers. 80 Hz is a typical setting. This takes some stress out of the main speakers AND the AVR.
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