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Speaker & Monitor Advice/Recommendations

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I'm a novice when it comes to speakers/sound systems. I'm looking for a sound system of the highest quality with a price range of approximately $400-$700. I have done some research on PA speakers, surround sound systems and monitors and have ended up quite lost as to what I should purchase. The reason I've I started with PA speakers is because I've been using an old Optimus 10 PA speaker and I've been happy with it. So far, it has out performed 3-5 12-15 PA speakers that are supposed to be nicer. I've looked at brands such as Peavey, Behringer, Bose, KRK, and Sony and visited stores like Best Buy, Guitar Center, etc. I have also looked on amazon.com and various other websites.
Initially, I thought the Behringer would be a good buy, but after visiting a couple stores, I wasn't so impressed. They said it is one of the most common products to come in for repair and that replacement parts are very expensive and difficult to find.
I know, everybody says Bose are the best. I tested a $900 Bose set up and was surprised at how good sounded, especially the "thump" in the bass.
I checked out the KRK ROKIT 6 and the detail of the sound was pleasing, but I guess that's what monitors are supposed to sound like.
I've specifically looked at the following products: KRK ROKIT 6; Bose Acoustimass 5; Behringer Eurolive B215D. I also looked at a Peavey PA speaker that was very nice, but it was a bit expensive.

Deep, full, warm, thundering bass/lows
Crisp, detailed, treble/highs
A "full" feeling--I don't want it to sound "thin".
I want to play music at a loud volume, but I don't want to blow the speakers.
The speakers would be in a 10x15 foot room with an 8 foot ceiling.
Large size is not a problem. I'm open to whatever gives the best sound.

Primary Uses:
90% music
10% movies

Does KRK make quality monitors?
What brands do you recommend?
What are your experiences with different speaker types/models?
Can you give me pros and cons of the Bose Acoustimass 5 and any other mentioned products?

Any helpful information you can give would be much appreciated!
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your "budget" will make realizing your ideal system spec's very difficult.

Do you want a PA system, or a home theater audio system ? Room size ? mix of music vs. movies ? speaker size....towers vs. bookshelf, large vs. small ? Do you have an a/v receiver to drive all this ? audio sources....blu-ray dvd / CD's / other digital or analog sources / cable or satellite box ???
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What receiver do you have (or are you trying to buy that in this budget too)?

I assume you are trying to do 2.1 or are you hoping for 5.1 with that budget?

Where do you live (consider used on craigslist, etc)?
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Hello m_vanmeter,

I've done some more research and I have decided to go with a home theater audio system as opposed to a PA system.

The room size is 10x15 feet with an 8 foot ceiling.

The audio system's primary use would be playing music (90% music 10% movies).

A nice pair of bookshelf speakers would be ideal.

I do not have a receiver and will need to purchase one. *Note: This would not be included in my $400-$700 limit. My receiver budget is about $400.

Audio sources would be DVD's, CD's and an iPod...no cable or satellite box.
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See my reply to m_vanmeter for answer(s) to your questions.

Do you have any receiver recommendations in my price range?
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