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This link "svconline.com/avcontrol/products/3d_now_theater/" , dated Mar 7, says the 3D theater has been released. Does anyone have further info?
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Originally Posted by clapple View Post

This link "svconline.com/avcontrol/products/3d_now_theater/" , dated Mar 7, says the 3D theater has been released. Does anyone have further info?

They've been building their vendor network, so try their 866# at the web site and see if they can tell you who has them:

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Currently on sale at CurtPalme.com in the US and Consignia.ca in Canada. Received mine today. Glasses currently doing their 5 hour charge. Will pass on what I find.
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My LG 55LHX now has 3D!

My equipment: LG 55LHX (60HZ input) and fully Backlit (3360 LEDS), iScan Duo as Input Source. OPPO 93, Sony BDPS790, DirecTV and ExpressVU (also Dishnet - 3D?) Satellite Receivers feeding the iScan Duo.

Beginners frustration of anything new!

Started by checking our Local ExpressVU SBS 3D (Ch:1933) - to get only SBS 3D! Next, push the the SBS/TBS to get a Black Screen, and No Signal Video from LG. Go check FAQs on 3DNow website. (They say DirecTV is set for full HD and is supposed to go directly through without the SBS/TBS switch being activated.) If no direct signal going through, then set originating system to output 720P. Done - push SBS/TBS button - now have a 3D picture - in Mageneta and Yellow! PLus, PQ quality is now suffering. (Dam, gotten use to the 1080P!)

OK, lets try the DirecTV - try everything, most I can get is 3 seconds of 3D. Starting to think this unit is a hoax.

Let's try a 3D Movie - keep going back to the Last Video on the 3DNow Website, on how to program the Emitter in 3D for Manual adjustment. Finally, on the 3rd try, get into the Manual Mode. (Actually, started the Manual Mode attempts with the DirecTV.) Withing 10 minutes, have the 55LHX up and running with 3D! (DirecTV 3D is now iffy after getting the Emitter set for the 3D Movies) Eventually went to bed at 3AM after watching the whole 3D movie I used to set system up.

Originally started on my calibrated THX Mode. When I wasn't making progress, went to Game Mode, and tried the various settings they were suggesting in the 3DNow How To Videos. When I finaly got 3D using a 3D movie, switched back over to THX. Now have 3D, 720P on my calibrated THX Mode, without changing any of the calibrated settings.

Pluses and minuses - my LG 55LV9500 3D TV - better PQ, but find I was always having to re-initialize the glasses 4 to 5 times a movie. Personal movement is limited.

55LHX - PQ, not quite as good, but not really noticeable once you get into the movie. 3D stayed constant throughout the whole movie. Glasses are RF, and you can move around, keep your head still, or move it around - no 3D loss. Put glasses down, pick them back up and you have 3D immediately. Even stays 3D on Pause!

Originally, couldn't get the 3D syncing with the first set of glasses I tried. Once the 3D was up and working with the second set, first set now works.

What's left? : Fine tuning the Emitter settings to get the Best PQ. Try going direct from the Satellite receivers to the 3D Now unit, by bypassing the my iScan Duo.

Synopsis: 3D is not bad on the 55LHX. Once I get the bugs all out, then will make my nay or yay judgement.

ExpressVU, when connected directly, instead of going through the iScan Duo, gives me the one screen when the SBS/TBS button is pushed.
The direct connected ExpressVU, and DirecTV, plus the Sony BDPS790 will only 3D sync for a few seconds.It appears that settings for my OPPO 93 for 3D viewing, will not work with any other devices. This is not good that one will have to keep adjusting the Emitter for each device. Therefore - will only use with my OPPO 93.

3D Glasses: my 3D LG TV glasses have a Red light that comes on during charging, and when finished, turns Green to tell you charging is finished. The Glasses for the 3D Now have a Red LED to start, but shortly after goes out. According to the online video, when charging is complete, a Blue LED comes on. On neither set of glasses does this happen. Have to push the ON button to see a Blue LED flashing 3 times to tell they are charged.

Tried the OPPO again - 3D not syncing.
Busy for the next 3 days, so will try and fine tune the 3D Now for the OPPO later.

Have put away. 3D looked good for 50% of the screen, the rest appeared flat. Not sure what the output of this unit will do to the TV over a period of time. Time to move on. (Part of the problem here may be that #1 - I have a 3D TV downstairs, #2 - Not really into 3D - give me a good 2D anyday!)
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