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¡Rob! on CBS HDTV

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Watched the pilot and thought it was hilarious. Rob Schneider and Cheech Marin were great. Season pass set.
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On the same boat...

The grandma stuff was hilarious..
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I'm really enjoying this show.. the moped thing was hilarious..
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Season finale so soon? I guess they only taped these few episodes..
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TV Notes
CBS Renews CSI: NY', Cancels Rob'
By Nellie Andreeva, Deadline.com - May 13, 2012

On the heels of canceling fellow spinoff CSI: Miami, CBS has renewed the youngest in the franchise, CSI: NY. Additionally, the network has pulled the plug on the midseason comedy Rob.

The fate of the last remaining CBS bubble series, veteran comedy Rules Of Engagement, is still being determined.

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Shame I was liking it so far...

Not even with nice ratings and all..

Telemundo should pick it up.. or cable? IDK
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lmao...this thread is sad, but kinda funny:

"I like it"

"me too!"

"it's really funny"


...didn't even get past page 1 lol

the thread title confused me..."iRob"--is that the name of the show? is he like an apple product that was magically transformed into a real person?
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^^^ In Spanish the exclamation point (and question mark) have an inversed version of the same symbol at the front of a sentence. Example: iEstoy excitado! (I'm excited!) The original title, iRob!, was meant to convey in the title that 'gringo' Rob was entering the Spanish culture of his wife's Latino family. Most people couldn't get past the first 'i' though, and CBS quietly dropped it but kept the 2nd exclamation point. I know, who cares?
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