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Missing my system

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Was just able to get everything purchase and setup the way I wanted then had to go in on JAN 4th for a through the knee amputation but in rehab till sometime middle February. Boy I'm missing my system like a little boy waiting to play with his toys.
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Hang in there and get well quick.
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Let's bring your system to you!

Hope your recovery goes well!
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dude i can only imagine
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Well, just stay away from head-fi.org where you can find things you can play with while recovering. (lol)

Good luck with a speedy recovery
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Can't wait coming home tomorrow be able to start listening to my system again. Have about 12 movies to watch also.
The fun begins
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Wow, Sorry to hear that. I hope everything is getting easier for you.
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Everything has gone fine From here its working towards my replacement leg and getting to enjoy my system again.
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