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i use WiRNS to set up recording schedules for my Replay 4xxx. I got instructions from somewhere (over a year ago) that told me how to force a send of the schedule to the Replay. I've never gotten that to work. The schedule eventually gets where it's supposed to go and the programs get recorded. But once in awhile I try to do something within a couple of hours of the time the program is to start. That instruction to record does not get to the Replay in time.

What controls when the schedule I create with WiRNS is sent to the Replay?

What I was told to do is:

1. Schedule Recordings with WiRNS.

2. Click Configuration > Replays > Net Connect

3. Click Tools > Replay Guide > Refresh

4. Click Tools > To Do > Refresh

instructions 2, 3, and 4 do what they sound like they're supposed to do. But if I schedule something now, run those commands, and then look to see what's there (on the Replay) my new scheduled recordings don't appear. If I wait a day (or two) the schedule does appear, both on the Replay and on the To Do list.

Any advice, explanation, guidance, etc. will be appreciated.