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Is this amp enough + Sub out Question

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Hi Guys

I recently bought a new sub and amp combo off the net. The sub is a Sony 12" 1000W boxed sub (that's all the info I can find on it) and the amp is an XM-SD12X. I've read everywhere that sony are pretty poor in car audio equipment, but I really couldn't afford anything else and I heard one of these (friend has one) and it wasn't that bad.

I bought the combo as I figured the person has been running this combo for a while, which of course I assume means they should be good for each other (as the amp model number was not listed).

Anyway after finding out the amp model number and doing some research on the net about matched sets and stuff, it looks like this amp should only be powering speakers and not a sub! Would I be correct in assuming this? I found specifications and the manual on the Sony website. Link: sony.co.uk/support/en/product/XM-SD12X/specifications (missing www as I can't post URLs)

I don't intend on running the sub at 100% or anywhere near that if it makes a difference. I've only got it to just add a bit of bass to my music. I plan on running it in "bridged mode" (i think? Where you hook the +'ve to the amp +'ve on one channel and the -'ve to the amp -'ve on the other channel?) so I can use the whole wattage on just the sub.

Also, just another quick question....my head unit has both Sub out (single RCA) as well as multiple RCA outs (red and white). The cable kit I have is a dual RCA to dual RCA. Would it be worth getting a Single RCA to Dual RCA (or an adapter for my current RCA cable) to be able to hook it into "sub out", or would this make no difference?

Thanks in advance!!!!!
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that amp will do 120RMS bridged,odds are your sub will handle 150RMS...so it looks to be a good paring.

if you want to know exactly what your sub is and what it will handle as far as RMS,pull it out of the box and the model number should be on the magnet.

hooking it to sub out will help a trememndous amount,you dont have to get a single cable,just hook 1 rca to sub out and make sure you know which one it is at the other end and hook to amp input..if there is no sound from amp you hooked the wrong one.
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If your radio has a built-in crossover / sub level on the sub out jack then by all means use it. And yes if the sub is 4 ohms you should bridge the amp to get the 120 watts. If you heard one in a friends car I'd ask how he has it configured.
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