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Sony Service Question

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I have a Sony BDV-E780W which is about 2 months old. It started to be non-responsive on start up. The unit is connected to my Sony tv via the bravia link (HDMI and optical cable). Normally, I turn on the tv which turns on the theater system. When this happens, no sound comes out. If I try to change functions, it changes on the display but does not have any video or sound. The only solution is to unplug it to reset. I've had several conversations with Sony tech reps and finally convinced one that it needs service, but here is the catch. I have to ship to them the entire system on my dime. Is this normal protocol or are they just trying to dissuade me from sending it in. Besides the fact that between shipping and repair it will be out for a minimum of 2 weeks, it will cost $50 to ship. Can I bring it to an authorized repair center instead? Thanks
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My reply probably won't help you but i'm surprised they're making you pay to send it in. If you've only had it for 2 months and bought it new it should be under warranty, i didn't think you had to pay for shipping if they are going to do a warranty repair. If that's their policy it's BS. As far as it being out for at least 2 weeks, there's no way around that obviously.
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I also had a problem with a Sony BDV-E570 and had to pay shipping under warranty. Big shock to me never had to pay with any other company. I finely had to return the unit for a refund and the said the would refund the money for shipping if I faxed the receipt. Of course I didn't have it. Not real happy with Sony service right now. And yes I had to send it to Laredo Texas for service.
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I would not doubt that it is the HDMI & Optical trying to fight over each other. Lets go to the beginning. How are you getting regular channels to the tvset? Are you trying to use the optical as a return path for sound to the unit, from the tv?
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Just thought I would add my recent experience with Sony Customer service, I am having a problem with the BDVE980W. The device simply stopped sending a video signal to the TV. I contacted sony customer support via online chat. After explaining the problem and that the device was in another room so any directions provided would take few minutes. They agreed and the process started. They advised me to change the cables and a few other things, I indicated that it would take 5 min. They said go ahead, and they would wait. When I got back to the computer they posted (after 2 min) that I had not replied so the session would have to be terminated, and then provided a link to an advertisement for new sony products. I am not impressed but after reading this thread it appears what happened is pair for the course.

I should have used a laptop but I honestly thought they would wait the 5 min, it's not like they don't hesitate to put you on hold over the phone for a lot longer than 5 min.
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I have the same problem with my Sony BDV-E780W as spthom77 described, no sound when it comes on and will not go into the Home menu or change sources. This started happening right after I updated to the latest firmware so I suspect that it is a firmware issue.

I can get it to work by selecting a different source with the function button after I power it on, then power cycle it which causes it to eventually reset after flashing Standby for awhile. After the reset it works until I power it off but then I have to do the same procedure the next time I use it.

If anyone finds a fix, please post it here. I'm hoping that someone at Sony is aware of this and will fix it in the next firmware release.

-- Mike
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Just found this on an Amazon review discussing the same problem, and he has a work-around:

"Still no firmware update but I've found a workaround. Just make sure you set your function to BD/DVD before you shut it off. When you turn back on there will be no lag issues and you can quickly switch to the function you want and it works fine."

Worked for me. Since this has been coming up since the last firmware update in December hopefully Sony will fix it.

-- Mike
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So the saga continues for me...I don't believe that there is a conflict between HDMI and the optical port. I disconnected all cables from the unit and switched to the tuner. Played music for a few minutes and turned it off then on. Still no sound. I tried to be slick and bring it to a local authorized repair center to avoid shipping. Unfortunately, Sony has designated some units as factory service only and of course this is one of them. I am out of town at the moment and will be on the phone with Sony Monday morning. I may try the source switching before shutting it down but I am certainly going to get Sony to fix it before the warranty runs out.
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