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Thinking of building 3D projection around Optoma 33HD?

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Would the Optoma 33HD be a good 3D projector for my room?

Attched are the pictures of the front and back.

It's a bit less than 108 inches wide.
The room is about 16-17 feet deep.

I'm thinking of using this screen:

FAVI HD-100 16:9/100-Inch Electric Projector Screen

And pulling the wood crown forward from the top. Then mounting the screen mechanism on the ceiling behind it to drop in front of the cabinets.

In the back I could just mount the projector on the ceiling, or cut a hole near the left vent which is the intake vent. The cables for the projector would easily go into that vent area of the ceiling and down into my cabinet, so that shouldn't be a problem.

But I am not sure if the 33HD will have the right throw to fill the 100" screen at about 16 feet?

I can get the 33HD off Amazon for about $1420 and the screen is about $170.

What do you guys think?
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I recently replaced My hd65 with an hd33. I use a DIY 108" screen and sit about 14' from it. I'm happy with the pq and overall experience. You can use the throw calculator on projector central.com to see how far away from the screen the pj needs to be.
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Hmmm, according to that calculator I probably need a screen that has a larger viewable area if I want to put my projector in the rear area instead of directly over my head.

That screen I had picked out is only like 82 inches across and would put my projector right above my head at about 12 feet.

How do I find a ceiling mount motorized screen that can fit in 108 inches wide, but have a viewable screen size of 105 inches wide (120 inch diagonal)?
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My pj is mounted almost directly over my head and it's not an issue. It's very quiet.
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Ok, that's good to know. I can just poke a hole and run the cables back since the I beams run lengthwise from front to back.

But I still want to maximize the screen width.

How do I find a motored screen that fits this projector (brightness etc) and fits the width of 108", but gets the most screen size?

Seems like most screens have a largish black border on the sides or the motor ceiling mount mechanism sticks way out on the sides.

I guess I could cut out holes in my drywall for the sides of the screen mount and somehow fit it in there?
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As far as I know no one makes a 120" motorized that will fit your area. You're going to have to settle for a smaller screen
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I'm going to rip the sh*t out of my drywall and see what happens.
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Ok, I guess that won't work since there are studs in the wall right there
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So there doesn't exist a screen that has about a 9' total hardware span, but the screen only comes in about 4" on either side (108 inches total hardware on the top and 100" total screen width)?

How do I find out if such a thing exists?
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Maybe I just need to settle for a manual pull down screen.

But I'm not having luck finding those in AT or sound transparent screen material.

I emailed Seymour AV to see what they thought, but no one has contacted me back...
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