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overwhelmed newbie questions

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post after days of lurking and I have never owned a home theater system (except an old 4.0 that wasnt technically mine) .

I now have before me a bonus room that needs to be finished into a home theater. I'd like to future proof so 7.1 is the plan.

Since this is our first system i thought we might still feel blown away by
denon 1712 powering
energy rc micro set w/ sub
Cheapo built-ins eas-8c for the rears.

I found conflicting info on the site, a poster implying that a reciever such as this can power even big speakers adequetely, while the stickied guide says its good to have extra power on hand ...

Can I (please!) run these with no amp?

Should i splurge on rc10 and lcr for fronts then the micros as surrounds? (Included micro sub) Could the lone 1712 power these?

The 1300$ budget implied by rc10s is absolute limit...

Thanks for your guidance. I feel like i'm swimming in a sea of possibilities with no sight of land...
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No problem man. No amp needed. It's all up to you on wether you want to spend the money, but if I were you I'd save up some money and buy better speakers. Just my worthless two cents.
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Welcome to AVS.

You should be fine with the 1712 and I would definitely spend the extra money on the speakers (RC-10s for $299 are a GREAT start, but don't forget to budget for stands). Do you already own the micros/sub? If not I might recommend starting with a good 2.1 or 3.1 setup with a non-Energy sub that you can eventually build on. Ideally sub choice should be based on room size so maybe look into the used market since you're on a budget. I personally wouldn't skimp on speakers or sub, and think long term if possible-it could save you money on the end. Good luck.
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Good morning,

Thanks for your replies and welcome, its certainly very nice to be here. I have an odd room setup that is a bit tight so I thought small speakers so that it wouldn't look like I,m cramming too much equipment in a constrained space. I also can't find any reviews or info about built-ins.

I'm planning to pair this with a $1400 epson 3010.

Do you typically outspend video equipment with audio?

Its prob 80% watch movies /sports 20% music application, (and you do 'watch' movies :-)

I also don't know if i can pay $1000 more just to get 'better blacks' . Though now we're getting off topic.
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To clarify i dont own anything, just saw cnet gush over the micros and takes (plus other reviews!) so i started looking at energy. There seem way too many brands for audio that i know nothing about so for comfort im just looking thru their line.

Also no drywall or insulation up. But noone reviews wall speakers... or talks about them in general...
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The 1712 will be fine, as stated. A fancier receiver will give you more features. Better speakers will give you better sound quality. Get what you can afford though. A bigger/more powerful sub will make a big difference for movies. None of this has to cost a fortune.
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Originally Posted by walbert View Post

None of this has to cost a fortune.

Very well put. Don't go overboard. Be smart about your purchases.
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It might also help us if you gave the dimensions of your room. If this is going to be your home theater room for quite many years, the size of the room is important in picking the right speakers, and then the right receiver that can power those speakers.

And of course, the budget.
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