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Mini/Micro Hi Fi system with USB Bluetooth CD or DVD

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Ok, this is driving me ravin mad. For some reason, I cannot find any decent mini/micro hifi systems with USB mp3 playback AND bluetooth audio streaming for sale in US. There are several with either one, but not both. As for eu, there are several of these systems with both features.

Something like a Sony CMT-HX5BT or even better CMT-DH5BT would be excellent, but for some reasons, those never seem to make it to the States.

So far the only one I found for sale in the US is Philips BTM630. But this seems to have several bad reviews.

Even some recent things like Panasonic SC-HC55 for the US which only has bluetooth audio whether as SC-HC55DB for non US market has both USB playback and bluetooth.

Am I detecting a conspiracy here? There are so many Asian electronic companies out there (Sony, Sharp, Pany, Pioneer, etc) and there is absolutely no mini/micro hi fi with both features for US?

Btw, I am so determined in getting this that I have already made some arrangement to pay extra to import one of these from Eu to use with a step up transformer.

Can anyone tell me *** is going on? Am I the only one noticing this? What is preventing this?

Thank you

P.S. If anyone can suggest a mini/micro hi fi system with USB playback and bluetooth audio avail in US I would so much appreciated. Thanks a lot
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Why such the strong desire for both? One or the other methods of connectivity should suffice for playing external digital music files. For me i'd prefer the direct connect usb route. Denon has a micro system D-M38 with USB connectivity for ipod that also can utilize portable drives for mp3 and wma playback.
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Because I hv both in my car stereo. And I am just wondering why since there is absolutely none in US and several non US models have this. Cant be just coincidence
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Both in a car stereo is more common as that provides a means to use the phone hands free. I suspect for a micro system in a house, most don't think its necessary. I'd tend to agree.
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it's not Hifi but lg has a soundbar with Bluetooth 3.5mm aux in and optical inputs for cd DVD or Blu ray to play your CDs.
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I mean there are plenty of car stereo from major players with both USB playback and Bluetooth audio. I don't know why there is absolutely no mini/micro hifi system from any major players in the US market.

I just find this very puzzling to say the least. It really bother me that just in the same model line up, the non US models got both. I can forgive this if for example they can even thinly disguise effect by putting the non-US model with both as a separate model line. But no, they make it very obvious by making the appearance of both models almost the same and also just slap in few additional designation.

Ex: I can find several Sony CMT-BX5BT which only have Bluetooth audio and no USB in the US. The CMT-HX5BT or the better CMT-DH5BT is only a non US model.

More recent: Pany SC-HC55 for US is BT audio only. But SC-HC55DB for non US has both USB and BT audio.

You can't blame me for not thinking there is some sort of conspiracy or something else at work here. With the market being so global nowaday, I am surprised that these companies still somehow think that they can maintain market segmentation like this.

Yes, I guess if you are an obsessed consumer like me who willing to pay more, than you can get what you want by importing your own. But I am just wondering why the major players can't at least also market the models with both features in the US and maybe charge a little higher for it and getting the profit themselves.
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I think y'all still missing my main point:

Why is it that you absolutely don't see any mini/micro hi fi in the US with both USB and BT audio? You can only get one not both in the US while models with both are so common with all manufacturers for non US models??

Please let me know if there is some sort of a law or something to that effect that I don't know about?

I can't be THE only person in the US wondering about this or THE only person wanting both features?
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There are some online electronic stores that specialize in import gear. You might try one of those. Typically they come coverted for US use. They come with zero warranty.

Other than the fact others can have it, I'm still struggling with the need. As i said its common for auto units so they can allow hands free phone use while driving. I can't think of a scenario where I'd prefer BT over a solid USB connection for indoor use.
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Any online store you suggest? I just prefer to buy on ebay and use a step up transformer. Shipping cost is exorbitant from outside US however.....

I still can't find a reason why. It is really puzzling because it seems like a coordinated effort between all the Asian electronic manufacturers. Doesn't it? Can someone tell me they don't smell something fishy?
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220 electronics
World Import
Bombay Electronics
World Wide Voltage

Those I found by googling region free dvd players.
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I will probably be labeled as obsessive. But still no one has answered my real question on this matter. Anyone?

I was going to contact Sony about it but I think i will just be wasting my time. These companies don't seem to care about the minority.....
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You usually do not need bluetooth in home settings, where you have access to wi-fi. If you are using modern Android phone, it has media server mode, when it makes all.music avalable via wi-fi just like computer with DLNA server. Get mini system with network playback option, and you will be able to play all music from your phone wirelessly.

Instead of mini system you can get a pair of active speakers and Squezeebox touch player.
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Still no one answer my question yet. There are definitely ways to get around this. And I have already used one solution of importing one myself.

But I am just real curious why there is this pattern I am seeing. Does anyone not seeing my point?
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Originally Posted by wildpig View Post

Does anyone not seeing my point?

Multiple posts in this thread have said no. The wi fi is a good idea, as is USB.
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So no one I mean absolute no one finds what I say strange? I am pretty sure about what I said. But absolutely no one finds what I say strange at all?
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it's because we are all secretly part of the conspiracy and are quietly giggling to ourselves as we read your thread, listening to our iPhones bluetooth stream 128kbps mp3s to our hifi systems.
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;(. guess us in the States will be at the mercy of these companies and will continue to get "lower featured" products... Unless we all rise up.....
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Found it.

What y'all think about this one? Yamaha MCR-730BL. Has just about everything. Divx for the dvd section, hdmi, optical audio out, and of course what i want usb AND bt audio

Edit: hmm, a little turn off. BT comes in form of an optional $82 addon module. This is not good for something 350$+..... but i do like the hdmi and divx.
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You can get hdmi, Dvix, and wi-fi in a 120 dollar bluray player.
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Hi there,

I bought this system, the CMT-MX700Ni (stumbled upon it by accident at my local Sony Store) back in April, and have been very pleased with it so far:


It has iPod/iPhone docking (I don't own neither), tuner (FM-only), wi-fi (antenna and/or ethernet port), USB port and CD (I still have hundreds of them). Wi-Fi streaming and CD were the must-have features for me ...... I like listening to various NPR stations in the living or dining room smile.gif

The appearance is clean and handsome (no Tokyo-by-night flashing lights), looking more expensive than it is (I paid Cdn$350). The speakers are an odd 6-ohm so good luck trying to find alternate speakers (standard push type accepting L/R bare wire or banana pins). Having said that the speakers sounded very mediocre at first but have mellowed and improved considerably since.

Highly recommend it.
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