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Durability of Leather Match to Bonded Leather seating

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I have Lane leather match sofa/recliners that are about five years old. The seams where the leather cushion attaches to the vinyl is cracking, shreading and pulling out of the vinyl. Very disappointing because the leather has held up very well, but the vinyl is crap.

I am looking for theatre seats, needing about ten of them, and I am wanting to go all leather but that is very pricey. I was wondering if the seams of the bonded leather will hold up better than the leather/vinyl seams have held up, or has the newer vinyls improved? I dont want to have to replace seating again in five years. I also have some North Carolina all leather furniture from about 12 years ago, that although I have had to repack the back fluffy pillows a few times, the leather still looks great, and only one minor seam needed restitching on a cushion. There is no way I could restitch the seams on the Lanes.

Any thoughts?
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Having sold home theater seating since 2002, I can tell you that the problems (almost none) with leather match seating are much lower when compared to bonded leather (a few here and there but still not significant). Although there is a place in the market for bonded leathers because of the lower price point and manufacturers have claimed that bonded leathers have much improved over that last couple of years (which I believe is true), the durability of them has not been proven over years of use. Also, the durability of bonded leathers won't necessarily be where they are stitched together but on the entire surface of the leather where they may crack or peel prematurely.

Like leather, there are different qualities of bonded leather. Some of the newer "bondeds" that have come out in the past year and a half feel really nice to the hand and appear to be of very good quality. But until they are out for a few years no one really knows for sure.

Also, because you have had a bad experience with one manufacturer or model, doesn't mean that you should completely rule out another leather match product. Like I said, leather match has been out in the marketplace for years with few problems. I would be more suspect of the particular vinyl or the stitching used in your particular product.

I'm sure your question will stir up a few opposing opinions. Roman?
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Ken, which of your seating options provides the best bang for the buck? I typically like well made in the USA, and don't mind paying a little more for good quality, just cannot afford the really high end.

Its, funny, my Mom, who is 76 and is knowing I am looking for HT seats, did a Google search and forwarded me your website to check out different options. I think she saw the pics of the seating from Palliser and mentioned that it was only $645 a set. I had to explain to her that this was per chair

She is a little out of the loop, but sweet.
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As you noted the seam area on the vinyl is the problem. This is usually from a very cheap vinyl. If a decent vinyl is used then there should not be any problems. I have given my two cents on bonded leather in the past, so I won't repeat it here.
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