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i've already blown it. but i want to know so i don't make the same mistake when i get another... i already had an amp (onyx 1.150) and an SPLX sub which worked fine... for people who don't know... the onyx 1.150 is a 2/1 channel (1x 150wrms)... and i got a subwoofer from a friend. which was origionally for a pc. and it was 8 ohms impedance... but it had 3 x voice coils... and the spec of which i could find of this sub. said it was 150wrms. so i connected 2 of the voice coils in a parrallel circuit. and left the 3rd blank... (by the way. i measured each voice coil. and they appeared to be 6ohms for whatever reason.) so now. the subwoofer should have been 4 ohms impedance which is what car subs are. so i went and istalled it to my amp on the second channel. turned some music on. and it worked. i could see the little voice coils pumping away... and it sounded much better already. so i turned it up a little bit... then when i got to the sub and had another inspection.... it had stopped. i was gutted. can anybody tell me what i'd done wrong. because i spent a LOT of time researching and calculating for it to work with what i already had . thanks