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Front speakers on top or bottom of screen?

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I'm getting a 130" screen for my projector and I was planning on putting the center, and left and right front speakers on the bottom, but they would look better on the top. Which is best for the sound? I would rather have them on top, but if the sound will be better below, then I'll do that.
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All things being equal, above has psychoacoustic advantages. Rarely are all things equal, so the answer is a resounding "it depends..."

130" wide, diagonal... 16:9 or 2.35:1? (i.e., actual height of screen)

Border around screen? Height of room ceiling/soffit? Desired location of screen on wall? Position of seating in room? Any risers? (i.e., sight lines or vertical viewing angles as they pertain to screen height and room height to help determine how much room you have above or below the screen)

Able to acoustically treat the ceiling and/or soffit above screen?

Type of speaker desired for use? Already have purchased them, or...?

Big question... is the screen purchased? Would you consider an acoustically transparent? Many sonic advantages over a "traditional" screen. Best position is behind the screen, not above or below, but since you didn't ask about that I am...
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Short and most likely answer: Bottom. You want the tweeter level as close to ear level as possible.
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Have to agree with William. That's a pretty big screen. Correspondingly your speakers would be quite high up. I have experimented with this and I definitely prefer tweeters at ear level.
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I'm with Bigus on the AT screen suggestion, as I've got a 130" DW laminate screen now and can attest to the work I've had to do getting the sound/acoustics dialed in.

AT will help for onscreen dialog AND room acoustics.

Now, assuming you won't go AT screen, then we really need to know your HT layout and dimensions.
Assuming you have 2 rows, then IMO you need to go below the screen and angle up the center just above the head of 1st row and 2nd row has un-obstructed view.

The R/L usually go to the side of the screen in 95%+ of HT's I've seen (assuming non AT screen of course).
How far off the floor is your screen and how tall are your R/L's?
What make/model are your speakers?
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A little more info:

-The screen is already ordered, shipping now. It's 130" diagonal 16:9, NOT an AT screen. 64" tall, plus 7" of border, so 71" total height.
-Top of the screen will be roughly 18" from the ceiling, bottom will be roughly 20" from floor. Floor is tile, ceiling is drywall.
-No special work done to the room, it's not a dedicated home theater, it's a living room.
-Seating distance is about 19 feet from the screen, that's why I have such a large screen. No second row.
-speakers are nothing special, part of an "all-in-one" 5.1 surround set. I'll get better speakers some day, but for now these are what I'm using.

I'm guessing bottom is the way to go, just want to know how bad they would be at the top. It would be nice to get them up high so the kids don't try to mess with them, but if the sound will be terrible that way, I'll keep them low.
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Then my suggestion is left and right to the sides of the screen and center above.
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Oops, I forgot to mention that there are windows on each side of the screen, so mounting on the sides is not an option. It has to be top or bottom only. Although, the top of the screen will be taller than the windows, so I could put them on the sides there, but they will still be very close to being at the top.
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I'm not trying to be an a$$. I don't know everything and I have learned alot from the ppl on here. In the future you would be better off asking questions before you buy your equipment.

I would definitely say the best route would have been an AT screen. But you already have the screen so you have to make compromises. If it were me I would mount the speakers above the screen on swivel mounts and have them angled down towards the listener.

When doing this keep in mind that you said you may purchase new speakers down the road so try to place your current speakers in such a way that you won't be limited to really small speakers when you get new ones.
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I really wanted an AT screen, but it just wouldn't work for me. I can't have my speakers sunk into the wall, so I would have to hang the screen about 8" off the wall. That would just look terrible in my room, and I'm sure my kids would try to walk behind it. I just had to do without it. Believe me, I spent almost 3 months on these boards asking every question I could and thinking of every option. I already have my projector and I ran it on my wall for a few days before I decided what size screen to get.

The top placement with swivel mounts sounds like a good idea, I was actually looking at some swivel mounts online last night.
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