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I have a panasonic th42pa20 tv that was having issues powering up. I would push the power button and hear the relays click on and then a few seconds later it would click off. Once the tv was on it could stay on for days the hard part was just getting it to turn on. I would just continually hit the power button until the tv would stay on.

I had the tv on for about a month or two and went to change the input in the control panel and it just turned off. The power button no longer does anything( cant hear the relay's click) and i get a continually flashing green led instead of the normal red/green during power up and down.

I've taken the back cover off and visually inspected for any damaged components none were easily visible. I believe the problem is with the p board as this is where the relay's and power fault error detection occurs

This is the first tv that i'm attempting to repair. I just recently graduated from a 2 year electronics tech course from Niagara College

any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I know this tv modle has a power down issue related to a diode but this was fixed in a revision before my 2004 model

thank you in advance

any usefull tips or links would be greatly appreciated