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From Techbargains:

Buy.com (through Paul's TV) has the Sharp Aquos Quattron LC-60LE835U 60" LED-Edgelit LCD HDTV for $1699.99 Free Shipping after rebate. Tax in AZ, CA, MA, MI. [Compare Prices]

1920x1080 4 HDMI; HD tuner; 240Hz refresh rate; LED-edgelit
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Been watching this model along with the 70 735 . Its been right around this price since I started monitoring the price about a month ago. I am hoping for cheaper.
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Frys has it for 1499 this weekend, plus a "free" sharp blueray player. I picked one up and I really like it so far. Only been able to watch it for an hour.
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oh thats tempting...I have to decide whether I would have remorse not getting the 70le735 but for over a $1000 more, this is sooooo tempting....
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I saw this deal in the Fry's ad and I thought to myself theres no way that can be the 60le835u. Obviously I was wrong. What an incredible deal. Im surprised there isn't more of a mention of this, maybe it's because Fry's doesn't confirm deals over the phone and even when you ad the 60le835u to your cart on the site it shows up as $1999 with no option to add a blu ray player. I don't think Ive see a better deal on an LED tv this size and then to throw in a Blu Ray player wow.
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I was thinking the same thing, it cant be the 835...probably the 632, or 732. So I jumped on it when I saw it was the 835. Of course it is set up next to the $4500 80 inch, so it looked small in comparison. My kids wanted me to get the 80.

When they delivered it and set it up, it is really big, and great picture. We had a 45 inch sharp, and it dwarfed it.

BTW it does not come with 3d glasses. I havent searched but are there any threads talking about glasses? The Sharp glasses are 90-100 each! I was was hoping they were in the 30-50 range.
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I was at Best Buy yesterday. They dropped the price from $2000 to $1800.
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The price of this is $1499 at Brandsmart USA. However they charge tax and $100 for delivery.
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For those of you that have the Sharp 60" 835 series, what is our opinion ? I just got the Samsung UN55D8000 last week at BB for $1932, not satisfied with it;

#1 the 55" size is a tad too small for my room, want a 60" for around that same price, but the 60D8000 is like $2799 best price, don't think it is worth $800 more.

#2 my 55D8000 has some weird lighting issues on the edge of the screen, on solid colors you can see jets of lighter color coming off the sides of the display, and the viewing angles are really bad, watching the TV from an angle, and the colors really drop off.

I have looked at the Samsung PN8000 Plasmas they are on super sale right now, $1999 for the 59" and $2499 for the 64", but I am scared of Plasmas in my sunlit Great Room, and watch a lot of sports with the scoreboard that stays on the screen, could give me burn in issues ?
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#2 - Welcome to LCD if you can't deal with this you need to go plasma. All LCD 's have some lighting issues
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