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Problem & Question:
Does anyone know how to program the Harmony remote for the Pioneer AVR Remote Control Mode 2 (pages 52 and 68 of manual for Pioneer remote & AVR setup).

What I've tried:
I've tried to use the Harmony "verify code" option like I do for the different DTV box codes, but that did not work and the Harmony kept using the Remote Mode 1. I tried to "learn" all of the Remote Mode 2 commands, but I do not know how to teach the harmony only "power on" instead of "power toggle". I tried to set up the Harmony software to only use the AVR "power toggle" only, but I am having issues. Whenever I try to power up the system by starting an activity, the Pio AVR never powers up. I have to hit help and go through a series of question until it gets to "is Pio on?", to which I respond "no" and it turns it on. It works like this every time... It powers the AVR off everytime when I kill the system. I have also increased the delay to the AVR power to 4000ms.

My Setup & why I need Mode 2:
My new Pioneer AVR 1021 is in the basement with all of my DTV boxes and a 3x5 component switcher, all of which is controlled by a couple of Harmony remotes. I have another AVR1018 in my bonus room theater which uses the same Remote Mode 1. I use four (4) Next Gen Remote Extender batteries to talk to two (2) Remote Extender base stations - 1 in basement and 1 for theater equipment. This gives me full control of all equipment through all Harmony remotes without line of site. It is close to working perfect once I can get by this powering on issue.

Thanks for any input you may have.