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AVR-991 Component Video issue.

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I'll sum this up, hopefully someone can help me, or advise if I need to send my AVR for repairs.

Recently I moved from my cable provider to IPTV, when I made the move to the Motorola STB, the HDMI Black levels were a big problem.
The solution was to swap to component video.

I did this, black levels were fixed, however now there's a serious problem or defect with my AVR.

On the left side of my screen there's a bar running from top to bottom, on grey or full color screens it's noticable. Swapping back to HDMI, no issues. I while testing, I plugged the component directly into my TV, no issue. I cycled through different resolutions on my STB, the problem doesn't happen until 720p or higher is selected.

I have tried 2 sets of cables, same issue. The bar is about as wide as 2 of my fingers together.

Anyone have any thoughts or should I send it in for repair?
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HDMI handshake issues with cable/sat boxes are quite common with every brand of AVR and are more often than not the fault of the cable/sat box not being HDCP certified. The easiest solution is to connect the cable/sat box HDMI directly to the TV with optical from the cable/sat box to the AVR for surround audio.

Also note there is a dedicated Denon 3311CI/991 Owner's thread --> http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...ight=denon+991
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I'd actually already tried that, it is a known issue with the black levels via HDMI on my STB, the only working solution is to use component video. Unfortunatly, when I plug mine into my AVR I have the 2" bar on the left side of my screen.

I can however wire the component into the TV, I didn't actually want to do that wiring nightmare, using the in wall HDMI to the TV would be prefered.
I also think because of this bar issue there's something wrong with the amp, keeping in mind, up until today I never used the component video inputs so it may have been an issue all along and I've never seen it.

I will try and locate another component source tomorrow to troubleshoot a little more.
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Also suggest trying a different cable box as well.
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When I plugged it using the same component cables directly into the TV it was fine, no line.

I'll pull my other STB from the other room in the morning and see if it still happens.
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You also may want to consider resetting the microprocessor as well (p. 109).
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Tested with another component source, same issue, tested with a new set of cables, same issue. Tested using the other component input on the AVR, same issue. Reset Microprocessor, same issue.

If I take the AVR out of the loop, there is no issue.
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Updated, there's an issue with the IP scaler on the AVR, Denon will get back to me.
Might be worth me exploring if there's an upgrade program or something available.
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The IP scaling chip in my AVR is bad, spoke to the service center, they've seen this many times, will take 2-3 weeks to get it fixed, AVR needs a new board.
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Just curious , which motorola stb are you using. I have dcx3400 and a 6416 series 3 with no issues with black levels that i have noticed.
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VIP-1232, it's a known issue with my provder, there's an update coming..... When it's ready.
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