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I am new to the home audio game. I already have a Yamaha HTR-5230 (Yeah, I know.... OLD) and KLH Bookshelf Speakers and a 12'' Sony Powered Sub.

I am looking to upgrade my Home Audio. I love the sound and features of Yamaha's New 71 series. I was thinking of going with the RX-V671 from my new AVR. As far as Bookshelf Speakers, I was thinking about Energy CB-10 for fronts and rears and the CC-10 for the Center Channel. Going to keep the Sony 12'' Powered Sub. Love the Bass it already kicks out. Plus im not trying to spend more than about 1200-1500 for the AVR and new Speakers.

Do you guys think this is a good set up as far as the AVR and Speakers go?? Open to ideas.

I am REALLY OPEN as far as speakers go for the make and model I should go with. I heard Energy is REALLY good tho, plus I was suckered into hearing them in Best Buy.