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have i set my panasonic gt30 up wrong?

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hi i have a shiny new 50" panasonic gt-30b and bd dmp bdt310 player. ive been very happy with the combos blueray performance. however 3d has been a bit of a dissapointment. the depth is amazing but the fast moving pop out 3d stuff just seems blurry and flickers which can really distracts me when trying to enjoy a film.

is this what you expect with home theatre 3d content or have i possibly set my equipment up wrong?

ive tried googling this issue but i just got flooded with advertisements

any help/advice will be much appreciated. thanks. Rob
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What titles have you screened?

Looks like most of the GT25 thread stuff would aply to this set as well?

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thankyou for the responce. i dont think im having the same issue as those guys as i now believe im the problem lol

i watched entangeld the other night. the title screen loaded a scene of many lanterns floating over a lake with a castle in the background. at first it looked an absolute mess, so blurry and i could feel my eyes straining. but after about 30 seconds of looking at it, i realised that my room was actually filled with glowing lanterns floating all over the place. Some looked to be 3 to 4 meters inside my room!! it really was quite astonishing how good it looked, so crisp too.

this led me to go back trough a few of my other 3d films and pause them at the fast pop out bits. at first they were all blurry but after a while they each became clear to me.

so it seems my eyes are the problem, not the tv. They just cant seem to adjust to the pop out 3d fast enough. when i went clay pidgeon shooting a while ago i was told i had a very dominant eye, im guessing my right as thats the one i rely on most if ive had a few too many drinks lol

what is strange though, i havnt really experienced this in the cinema.

has anyone esle experienced anything like this? I had best get myself to an opticians if im to enjoy my expensive new equipnt properly.
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