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Have silently lurked on these forums for years. Great place to be educated. Hoping some of you can help me out.

For various reasons I am looking to move from Paradigm Monitor 5s (large bookshelf speakers; ~$500 back in 2004 when I got them; already sold them off) to higher-end bookshelf speakers. Have been steered towards the Linn Musika 109s ($1500/pr) which sound pretty good. Before I pull the trigger on those, though, I'm wondering if anyone has compared those to the Sierra-1s from Ascend which get great reviews online but are much less expensive and not available for audition at retail. Are the Linns worth the premium? Really hoping to get some beautiful sound for music enjoyment by stepping up from the Monitor 5s. Btw, these are going in a great room/family room setting, open space. Any advice is really appreciated!