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serious problem

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I found a cheap (free) Mitsubishi LVP-S250U projector to install in a church for a preacher friend of mine. We kinda messed with where we are going to place it, and its going upside down on the ceiling, then we realized we needed a remote for it. The other church I got it from didnt have a remote, so I have been scouring the internet looking for anything that would work and I cannot find anything. OProblem is its gonna require a step ladder to turn it off and on and thats just not practical in a church sanctuary. Any ideas? I searched for codes maybe for a universal but I canno find anything.
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.......I just Googled the projector + remote and came up with this link:


I have no connection with this company, but their product may be what you're looking for.

As an alternative, Remote Central has the best source of remote codes that I know of, but they don't have anything specifically for the S250. However, they do have codes for a "Misubishi Projector":


.......I've no idea if your model would respond to these, but if you're out of other options, it may be worth borrowing a universal remote and trying the RC codes.


[As an aside, you may get a few more responses if you have a more specific thread title (like maybe including the projector model)]
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Most Mitsubishi projectors respond to one of two IR protocols. Proton device 240, and Mitsubishi device 71.

Given the age of the projector, I suspect that the Proton is more likely. Got an Atlas cable company remote that you could test with? Try setup code TV 0868. If you have a Comcast red OK/Select button remote, post back and I'll tell you how you can test with it, using setup code 21278.

The Misubishi procotol setup codes are TV 0150 (10150 if the remote needs 5 digit setup codes) TV 0817 TV 0836. Lots of UEI made remote (like Atlas and Comcast, some Radio Shack, OneForAll) have these setup codes.

The RCA RCRP05B has all of these codes. It is very likely to work, or we can program it to work. Less that $20 at Best Buy, Walgreens, etc.
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