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How high to mount 42" tv

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Its going to go where the portrait is, planning on getting a 52-60" tv later on so take that into account as well

Also, what av rack should i get and where should i put it? Its going to be on the same wall side the tv would be on. Going to get a wire concealer, wires through the wall is not an option because the framing is in the way to fish wires through
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I'd mount it 5 inches above the Fireplace. The portrait seems out of place, way too high.
5 inch gap leaves room for a Soundbar or the like.

But that is just my opinion.
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Do you mean i should put the mount 5 inches above or he bottom of the tv should be 5 inches above it? And we wanted the portrait to be almost equally between the floor and the ceiling
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He meant the bottom of the TV 5" above the mantel. Mount goes wherever it needs to for that to work out.

But before you do that - how far back will your new seating be? Have you tried this out from a viewing height perspective? The TV will be probably 2' higher than it is now. Sit on the floor the same distance from the TV now and see how the angle feels.

While it may look nice, "TV above the fireplace" is usually a bad location for comfortable viewing. You don't want to look up to the display - you will get tired and your neck will not like you...

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I left about 10" between the bottom of the TV and the mantel. But that's mainly because our mantle is huge and "we" put lots of decorations on it.
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He meant the bottom of the TV 5" above the mantel. Mount goes wherever it needs to for that to work out.


The TV can always be tilted down using the appropriate mount, I hang them for my customers that way all the Time.
I installed some Tv's just about one inch above the mantel, leaving no room for decoration. (clutter, in my words.)
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I mounted a 50" and tried to get close to the bottom third of the tv screen at eye level when sitting. We did end up putting it just a bit higher because of the bar area across the room and alot of people standing during game parties. In hindsight I do wish I would have done it about 4 inches lower as we are only about 15-18 feet away when sittin on the furniture.

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You can buy pretty much any TV mount and then get a free floating AV shelf. These shelves are similar in design to a TV wall mount. They install to drywall studs or concrete, and have attachable shelves for you to put all of your devices.

Kanto AV Systems has alot of AV Furniture and I recommend checking out their AVS2 shelving unit. When you attach it to the wall, you can hide all of your cables in the cable management plate that comes preattached to the shelves. It's a nice easy way to get all your devices and cables out of the way, and makes it look much more appealing.
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