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Samsung DLP won't turn on. Any Suggestions?

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So I've had a Samsung DLP hls6767wx for the last 4 years or so. I've had no problems until last night when I came and

turned on the TV. I mmeadately noticed a louder than normal whining noise. It sounds like a squeaky wheel. So the TV

tries to boot itself on but just keeps reseting and reseting never coming on. Also the lamp never comes on but it never

usually does until the tv powers on. After a while It finally stops reseting and three light indicators on the front keep

blinking. I've done my own research online and it sounds like it could be numerous things. I took apart the back of the

TV and checked the bulb and the color wheel. They both look fine to me but I guess I wouldnt know what good ones look

like. I noticed online that most peaople with a color wheel issuecan still get a picture on the TV. Mine wont even get a

picture some I'm wondering if it might be something else. I was just using the TV last night and it was working perfectly

fine. Can somebody please give me some suggestions on what this could be. I dont want this to turn into an expensive

repair. Thank you for your help in advance.
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The exact same thing happened my HLN507W last week.

As you say, it could be as simple as getting a new lamp or it could be an expensive repair. I decided to not spend any money on a nine-year-old set and went out and bought a new TV.
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I don't know much about DLP TV's but i do know that Samsung DLP's are very problematic! They have problems with their lamps and color wheels and this problem with yours sounds severe!

I would have to recommend getting a new, more reliable TV! If you love the picture quality of DLP, then you should love the even better pic quality of a Panasonic Plasma TV! Panasonic Plasma's are very reliable and their newest S1 and G10 series Plasma's are the most energy efficient Plasma's ever! Plus they have outstanding pic qualities and overall options and performance! Samsung makes good Plasma's too...just not as reliable as Panasonic's!
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Sounds like a simple color wheel change is needed.
If the color wheel cannot achieve the required rpms, it will not fire the ballast and light the lamp.

AS far as going to a panny plasma, if you like a dlp pic why would you go plasma? They are not even similar, a Mitsubishi DLP would be a better option in that case.
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That's what it sounds like to me as well. Im gonna try and replace it. Can anyone tell me he correct color wheel part number?

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