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Raising Subs off floor 4" or so.

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Hi all,

I have 2 sealed, front firing 15" subs.

In redesigning some of my dedicated HT, I have realized that I would like to raise the subs up by 4" or so. I realized this while sitting on the couch which is my first row, listening to music. (one of the redesigns is a new screen, so without a screen right now, I have become reaquainted with my music collection.)

My primary movie viewing position is in the "second" row, which is a row of theater seats, and then there is a "third" row of theater seats on a riser. The first row couch gets little use during movies, but will now become my first choice for music listening.

So I realized that the couch in front of my "primary" seating position is blocking/absorbing some of the punch from the subs. Granted, I am 4' or so further away in the "primary" position, but I also feel that the sub punch is being absorbed by the couch in front.

So I have set out to raise my subs up by ~4" to get them a little more above the couch and into the line of sight of the back two rows.

My idea was to source a couple pieces of scrap concrete or granite slabs, pavers, flagstone etc. to put under the subs. But that would require a slab(s) of at least 18" x 20" x 4" thick. Pretty hard to find in my initial search.

Then I got to thinking I could just get 8 smaller blocks and place them under the 4 feet of each sub. That would be easier to source. I was then planning either way to put a larger, heavy piece of something on top of the sub to add more weight and firmly plant the cabinet on whatever I put underneath it.

Are there any drawbacks to going the 8 smaller blocks route? That would leave an airspace under the subs, but as they already sit on the four feet only, and they are front firing, sealed, I don't see any initial problems.

Or would it be better to remove the feet and try to find a larger slab to put under each sub? Placing them flush and flat on a larger slab?

All of this is going to be over carpet and pad over concrete floor.

Or are all choices mentioned equal?

I don't really feel like going through the time of building, gluing and screwing and filling with sand riser boxes.

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Generally speaking sub bass is omni-directional so I'm not sure rasping them will do much. You might feel a little more impact if you move them closer to the corners. If have propped them up 4 inches with block of wood and like the change, go with it.
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Thanks. I can't move them closer to the corner due to OC triangle bass traps in the corners. I'm using AntiMode, and really like the sound, just trying to get it a little more in the line of sight.

Didn't know if there were any glaring problems with my thinking. For the couple bucks in pavers, I'm going to just try it and see. I guess the other solution is to get rid of the couch, or swap it out for a couple of theater seats that I could offset from direct line of the subs.
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If both your subs are in the front I'm guessing you didn't do the sub crawl. You might wanna try that to get the most even bass response across your whole room.

Also if you really want to raise them 4" I suggest making your own sub isolation/riser platform. Get a piece of 3/4" MDF paint it black or wrap it in black fabric of some sort and get 3-4" thick pieces of high density packing foam and make bricks out of them and glue them to the bottom of the MDF. I did this but only used 2" thick foam and it works great.
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Be sure to browse through the other 94 pages as there are a lot builds represented.
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The only way to be sure is to place something under the subs about the same height you want to raise them. Listen to how they sound at your main seating position and if they sound good to you then buy or build something more permanent. The only way to be certain is to try it out.
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The only way to know for sure is to do like this guy did... measure the difference. No meaningful difference was measured.

A good thread. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1349434

Where a riser really makes a difference, is in a three sub Geddes configuration, with one sub raised up over the center line of the room.
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Thanks for the input.

I'm going to get up and running on REW, at least basic tests, this weekend.
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