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Yamaha YHT-494

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I have bought this system and while, initially, I didn't think much of it, I am now starting to appreciate it.

The soundbar is really pretty good and the satellite speakers really do add to the experience.

I was wondering if anyone else had this system or has listened to this system could offer an opinion on its performance.

Also, if you have experience with the YHT-s400 please comment as well as it uses the same soundbar. Davyo, have you sampled the YHT-494 and can you comment on Yamaha's quality?

I am looking forward to any conversation on this.
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Just installed a YHT-494 last week. This is the Pro and Con I gave to the customer before purchase. The sound on the YHT-494 was just OK from the bar because it didn't have depth to it (even after directing a few low frequencies to the small speakers) and subwoofer was just OK too.

My biggest disappointment was no Audio Return Channel (ARC) on HDMI inputs of the receiver. This would have allowed the Smart TV to work much better with it's apps (Vudu, Netflix etc.). Also no CEC control for remote control consolidation. The customer ended up having me program a Logitech Harmony remote control to ease of use.

1. Yamaha YHT-494 600Watt Home Theater: (http://www.home-theatre-systems.net/...-a-box-system/)

* True rear channel surround sound.
* 4 HDMI inputs that support 3D and Dolby HD audio, DTS Master audio.
* RCA Subwoofer output that could be upgraded to larger/better sub if you didn't think the supplied sub was loud/strong enough.

* No documentation stating it supports HDMI CEC control for linking TV to speaker on/off, volume control linked to home theater. A separate remote control will be needed for volume, unless using a Logitech Harmony Universal remote.
* Extra wiring between stereo and TV to support legacy video sources, such as Wii, older DVD player or VCR.
* Rear speakers will need to be mounted and wired.

2. Yamaha YHT-S400 home theater system: (http://asia.cnet.com/product/yamaha-...m-45188799.htm)

* Digital sound projector AirExtreme.
* 3 HDMI inputs that support 3D video, no documentation on supporting Dolby HD or DTS Master audio.
* UniVolume for keeping TV commercial volume level
* HDMI has CEC control for linked on/off and volume control.

* Can still be connected directly to TV, but requires additional wiring.
* Extra wiring between devices and TV to support legacy video sources, such as Wii, older DVD player or VCR.
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