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Suggestions for HTIB for small room

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I am very new to Home Theaters and I have a small living room size is 12X19 with three openings (I can not close those openings). Its kind of congested due to TV, Sofa etc. So I am interested in small speaker system and one receiver. I own a PS3, iPhones, Wii. I do not hear loud music. I read many threads and I liked the energy take classic 5.1 as well as energy micro 5.1. One of my friend has polk TL1600. I also read about some denon AVRs. For example 1312, 1712, 1912 and 2112. I want to know which receiver and speakers will be good for me? I do not want to spend too much. I checked all threads on many deals website and I found that the minimum price of
1. energy speakers went to $299 last year,
2. denon 2112 was $400 last year
3. denon 1912 $299 last year
4. denon 1712 $249

I also want to know the benefit of network ready? Does it mean that I can have all my songs on computer and this can play those songs?
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Just want to add that basically I am looking for small speaker size package with network ready receiver.

Also the lowest price I can find the energy take 5.1 is $339 and denon 2112 is $449. Do you think I can get either these at lesser price or any other combination matching my needs at less price than this?

Can anyone please help?
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Not sure what to tell you as network receivers are not cheap and that is going to be your biggest stumbling block to getting what you want at your price. make SURE you check that model of receiver out for reliability issues as well
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Thanks for the response. But the setup above is good from quality/reliability as well as price perspective?
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If you haven't already, you should review posts #1-#3 in the Official Denon xx12 thread in the Receivers section. You can compare features of the models. In post #3 there is a Purchasing section with advice on how to obtain the best pricing from authorized online Denon resellers.
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Thanks for all your help. I went through the post mentioned and have another thought. If you can help me, that would be great..

I want to discuss another setup. If I want to go for Energy Take classic 5.1. I am planning to buy WD Live or Apple TV. I also have a NAS server Synology DS411. Then which denon receiver will be good for me? Just trying to keep the cost low. Also will the setup be like

1. All media on my synology ds411 attached to network.
2. WD Live/roku or apple TV on the same network.
3. HDMI from #2 to my AV receiver
4. HDMI from AV receiver to TV
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As I am not able to find any good n/w enabled receiver for less than $300. Cost is the big issue here. So if I go with Newegg combo of energy take classic 5.1 + RX-V371 and then buy WD Live total cost will be around $580. Will this be good setup? I do not see myself upgrading after my initial buy very soon.

Please help.
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