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I got a problem with my samsung tv.

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I just got my Samsung Tv which got 3D like 3 months ago. I didnt buy the warranty they had on it cuz it cost like $200 more and I wasn't gonna pay for something if there was a chance it wasnt goin to. Anyways this is what happened.

I was playin madden 2012 in 3D with my homies and the screen just went black. The TV turns on but the screen doesnt, its all black. I called up the place I got it and they were all like " I'm sorry, that product was on sale at a clearance price so no warranty is on it" blah blah. I needa fix it ASAP so someone help me out.

MY TV is a 55 inch UND8000 Samsung with 3D on it.
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I am not aware that a store in the US can sell a brandnew TV without having it support a manufacturers one year warrenty,try calling Samsung.
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Stores usually only accept returns for 30 days. After the 30 day period warranty is covered by Samsung. Call them.

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Try to take it up with Samsung......but they as the manufacturer determines if the problem is a defect or not. Hate to be like this, but thats what the warranties are for. $200 for a warranty on a $3000 TV is well worth it.
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I had the same issue with a older LCD its was something to do with the backlighting took it to get fixed cost $100. Samsung has poor customer service I would call and fit for them to fix the tv or replace it. U can look online to find a service dealer and take it there should be under warrenty with the bill
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ayo its all good. I actually bought the Tv from my cousins husbands retailer store. It was a model someone else returned and he had it out as a display before I bought it which is why he couldnt hook it up with the warranty.

I checked out some new TVs today and he had two.

Samsung PN somethin that was plasma for like $2k.

LG 6500 somethin that was LED but it was about the same price as the Samsung but the TV was like 10 inches bigger so I think ima pick that one up fasho. Ima get a warranty on it and see if i got any problems on it. Thanks everyone for helping a brother out.
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I need to use urban dictionary to translate this dribble...
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