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I need a long HDMI cable and Monoprice has two that will work.

One is a standard 45 feet, and one is 50 feet but is "silver plated" (see description below). My question is, would I gain more from going five feet farther and getting the silver plated one or five feet shorter without the silver plating?


Silver-plated conductors provide improved signal conductivity over normal copper wires. When signals are transmitted at frequencies in the MHz range, very little of the signal actually penetrates to the core of the conductor. Most of it simply rides along the outside of the wire in what is known as the "skin effect". Silver is a better conductor than copper, but is of course too expensive to use for an entire conductor. However, a thin coating of silver on the outside of a conductor takes advantage of the skin effect by providing higher conductivity where the signal will actually be carried.

In cases where the length of a cable may be approaching or just beyond the distance for a reliable HDMI® signal transmission, often characterized by an intermittent breakup or interruption in audio or video portions of the signal, a silver-plated cable can provide the extra level of conductivity to ensure a reliable HDMI® connection between the source and sink (display) devices.