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Caller ID Notification Working on X64 and in WMC - Page 4

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Ok I've been reading this whole thread but have a couple of questions still (and trying to increase the WAF of the HTPC)

I currently have a Comcast provided modem that handles my internet connection but also my regular phone (VOIP). My HTPC is hardwired into the modem but does not have its own dedicated one. If I download the trial version, will this allow me to see incoming calls in WMC just like I would if watching TV through the Cable box?

I know, some dumb questions but just need someone to point me in the right direction.

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You need a USB modem that supports caller ID to use the caller ID functionality. Mine hangs off my Vonage module but for the Comcast VOIP it would be the same. In from the Comcast VOIP (the telephone line), out to wherever it goes now + USB cable to wherever you're running the W7CallerId. For me, I have it USB connected to my WHS2011 server with W7CallerId server running.

There's docs and examples on the site. E.g.: http://w7callerid.com/configuration-samples.aspx
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Looking for CID compatible modem?
10$ USB 56k V90 FAX V.92 Conexant 93010 External MODEM for Windows 7 and 8!

- Works in UK and North America:


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having some problems with this......have a USB modem installed with upto date drivers. In the settings screen, my modem is detected. Followed the setup guidelines, Windows firewall is allowing access to internet. When I test my modem is says AT+VCID=1 OK......I test it by calling from my cell phone and can see it say RING but no other info is displayed. And I don't even get a POP UP on the desktop or WMC.......frustrated!

Need some help......

Service provider is Comcast and I have plugged the phone cable into the VOIP modem as well as a jack by my HTPC - still get the same result.

Anyone have any suggestons? Should be simple, never thought this would take ALL day long to figure out.

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