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Hello Everyone,

I have a broken M&K VX-4 Subwoofer that I pulled out of my parents garage. The cord was cut, but I figured I would give it a shot, as it appears to be in decent shape.

However, I did a quick test by wiring up a cord with wire nuts and it does not power on. Check the fuse, and it was good. I then pulled off the plate, and the internal fuse was good as well.

So rather than screw around with it, I would like to just get a replacement Amp.

However, I am having trouble finding any real specs on this sub. I pulled off the woofer has 4 wires going to it, so I am thinking this is a dual voice coil driver. I do not know the power rating.

I was thinking about one of those Dayton Plate amps, either the 240 or 500 off of Parts Express, as they seem to be a simple replacement.

However, I am not experienced with them and wanted to get some advice. Or at least a link to the specs of the subwoofer.

I figure this would make a good sub for my garage stereo running off an older Yamaha A/V amp.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you!