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MJ Acoustics Ref150II

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Don't know much about these subwoofers other than the owners used to be REL guys. I need a sub for HT and music, about 70/30 ratio. Is $700 a good price for this sub? It has less than 10 hours on it. What is the retail price on this sub new in $US/CDN, can't find anything on it? Help me if you can. Thanks in advance.
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Anyone have experience with this sub?
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I'm also curious about this company; I had seen their website a while back, and found their subwoofers to be rather intriguing.

I don't believe they were ever available in the US or Canada though, so it might be difficult to get legitimate answers from the majority of the people who frequent this forum. I also have my reservations about that subs claimed 13Hz lower extension - it strikes me as pretty optimistic.
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Anyone have any updates thisnthread? Im intrigued by the mj due tonthe ability to hook up speaker level and lfe at the same time. They are also mademin the uk and have a small form factor. I know many on avs are positive on the id makers eg epik rytthmik etc. but indont think any of them make a sunlessmthe say 14 inches square.
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They aren't available in the US, so that will limit the responses you get from AVS members. When I contacted MJ asking if they had any plans for US distribution, and/or wanted to submit a unit for evaluation, I was shocked to encounter a very nasty and unhelpful person, so I can't tell you if anyone in the US will ever be able to get one to try it.

From what I can tell their specifications are borderline fabrications though. The PRO 50 MkII, for example, is a 10" acoustic suspension subwoofer with a 120 watt amp that supposedly goes down to 13Hz. Riiiiight - I'm sure that's accurate.

Bottom line is you'll probably get a better response by asking on UK forums. I'm not sure if they'll ever be available in the US, and based upon my exposure to them I hope not. We don't need a manufacturer with such a poor attitude.
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I have just recently sold my MJ Acoustics Ref1 MK 3.

It was an absolutely fantastic sub. Build quality perfect.

Only a 10" driver 250w ported design buy it could play loud and deep. Really very good. I have owned a few subs over the years including M&K MXV125 THX subs and Def Tech subs.

I EQ'd it with an Antimode 8033 and it was really superb with music. I replaced it for a Paradigm Studio Sub15 as I wanted that bit more.

The MJ would play pretty flat down to 20hz according to Anthem's ARC.

Could not recommend this sub more particularly for music.
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Hello, there was a US MJ Acoustics distributer but he retired a couple of years ago. You occasionally find these on the used market but it is rare. I believe there is a Canadian company that I run across with google searches, give it a try.

Anyway I have a Ref150 MK2 that I have had for a couple of years now. I use it in a Magnepan music/home theater system. Very happy with the sub. It doesn't have the brute force that some ported subs have but it does a great job with music. I also found it is extremely easy to setup and use in the combination system. Excellent build and finish quality as well.

I highly recommend MJ Acoustics subs if you can find one.
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