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Samsung 65d8000

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I am really torn on what to do - with prices inching lower I am getting a twitchy trigger finger - torn between the Sharp 70le735 and the Samsung 65d8000.

I have a store close to me (regional not national electronics store) that has a great price match policy - they match pretty much any online price so...

I have been following the Sharp 70" deals thread but what about the 65d8000 - any good deals out there?
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I see a store called ActualElectronics has the 65d8000 for $3199.99 with no tax and free shipping - I don't think I would order from them as I cant find much if any info online for them but the local store should price match this...I was hoping for sub $3k...anybody thing it will get to $2900 or so before being sold out?
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Frys has it for 2999 this week
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