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IR repeater

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So my rack will be back behind my second row of seats. I'm looking for ideas for an IR repeater. I'm thinking my best option will be maybe a Xantech 480-10D Kit.

Anyone else have something better to use. I ran cat6 to the front of the room next to the center channel Speaker input thinking I could use that. Still have time to run another wire if I need to.
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That Xantech kit will do the trick. Xantech has good products. I would still run a spare cat6 or 2 while you can.

Besides a connection for the IR system it can also be used as a means for connecting other devices. i.e. microphone or controller (if not wireless or needs charging) for gaming a gaming system.
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I bought this one:


It was cheap and works with all of my devices, including an HD cable box. It comes with a dual band receiver so you're good there.
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I know it's an old thread...

Bought the Sewell in your link. Felt solid and looked to be decent quality. Temporarily installed to test emitter locations and all was working fine. 5 hours later it was dead. Wall wart croaked. Don't know whether it was a bad PS or the module caused the PS to die.
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I'm sorry to hear that. Mine has been working great for almost five months.

When I talked to Sewell about the product they seemed to have great customer service. Hopefully you can get it worked out easily.
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I'm going to send it back to Amazon for replacement and hope I get a good one back. Not giving up on the brand yet.
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