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Tt eSPORTS G-Unit mechanical keyboard

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I just thought I would share a review I recently wrote for this keyboard.

Tt eSPORTS Meka G-Unit

Overall Quality
I have had the G-Unit for a little over a month, and so far the operation has been flawless. The keys feel very solidly constructed and have a very tactile spring to them. The G-Unit uses Cherry Black switches, and this is the first keyboard I have used with these switches. I must say I really like the feel of them. They have a life expectancy of 50 million keystrokes and therefore definitely give me the confidence to say that I don't foresee any issues with operation for a long time. As a demonstration of their keyboards durability, they poured liquid nitrogen into the keyboard and then plugged it back in to show it still worked. Here is the link to the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgqSlFms-rM. Now this was the previous generation of the Meka, but I have no doubt that the construction has not changed. My only area of concern is the palm rest. The palm rest attaches to the keyboard with plastic clips on both the left and right side. When unboxing my unit, I found that the clips on the right side of the palm rest were broken off allowing the palm rest to be secured to the keyboard only with the left side. Tt eSPORTS was kind enough to offer to send me a replacement as soon as I notified them.
The G-Unit is a comfortable keyboard. The keys are at a good height and placement to make typing easy with the exception of the placement of the \\ key. Tt eSPORTS chose to place this key directly adjacent to the right shift key. If you are like me, this will take some getting used to because when I go to press the right shift key, I end up accidentally pressing / instead. I have to learn to stretch my pinky just a little further to hit the shift key. I'm not sure why they chose to do this, but it is a bit distracting and takes some getting used to. The only other complaint I have is one I have with almost all other keyboards, and that is that when typing, my wrists are forced to bend back or upwards in an unnatural fashion. I have only used one keyboard that didn't do this. It had an elevated palm wrest so that your hands fell more naturally on the keys and as a result was far more comfortable. The G-Unit is first and foremost a gaming keyboard, and in that capacity it excels. The Cherry Black switches are very responsive and with its 1000hz polling rate, you can have confidence that none of your keystrokes will be missed while playing your favorite game. They are also spaced well so your fingers are not tripping over each other searching for the right key. However they are a bit on the noisy side. They have that distinctive mechanical click when depressed which is something that many people may like because it reassures you that your keystroke was successful. Additionally the space bar squeaks every time I hit it. This may just need some lubrication, but Tt eSPORTS is investigating and trying to reproduce it so that they can fix it as soon as possible. The illuminated keys make it easy to find them when gaming in the dark whether you use WASD, arrows, or the number pad.

The G-Unit has up to 20 macro keys. 12 assignable Macro Keys on the left side of the keyboard which can be programmed using the included software, and the WASD, left shift, left control, Win key, and Space bar. Combine these with the three profile switches and you can program up to three different profiles for whatever your needs are for a total of 60 macro keys. There is also a switch to select between Normal Mode and Game Mode. Game mode disables the Windows key which is situated right next to the left control key and replaces it with the control key function to avoid any inadvertent mishaps during gaming sessions.

There are two USB 2.0 ports along the top edge of the keyboard for plugging in your mouse and USB headset, or for your digital camera or whatever your needs are. It also has a 3.5mm headphone and mic plug for those of you with analog headsets. One feature that I really like is the detachable USB cable for the keyboard. How many times have you had to throw away a keyboard or mouse because the USB cable got damaged somehow? Well no longer do you need to throw away a perfectly good keyboard when that happens, Tt eSPORTS has made it detachable, and offers replacements on their website. Continuing along the top edge of the keyboard, on the right side there are 7 media keys. There is a Pause/Play, Skip Back, Skip Forward, Stop, Volume Up, Volume Down, and Mute keys. The Meka G-Unit also features 3 individual key illumination zones. The WASD keys, left shift, left control, and space bar are one zone, the arrow keys are another and finally the number pad where the Num Lock, 2, 4, 6, and 8 keys are all illuminated. I would have liked to see the esc key and Macro keys also illuminated. I often play with low lighting, and there are times I need to pause or exit my game and end up hunting for the esc key because it's not illuminated. In the top far right section above the number pad is a key for controlling the intensity of the key illumination. There are three levels of intensity and a Pulse option which slowly pulses the illumination on and off. At the top dead center of the keyboard is an illuminated Tt logo.

The software is very user friendly. You can select between Normal and Game mode, you can select which profile you want to use, you can set your macros and light options all with a GUI that is well laid out and easy to navigate. There are four buttons at the top of the GUI which allow for resetting your keyboard back to factory defaults, registering your product, getting help online and closing the GUI. Overall it is well designed and easy to use.
Overall impressions
Overall I really like the G-Unit. It has all the features that a hard core gamer would need, and is built to take the constant abuse that gamers will ultimately dish out on it. It has an attractive design and a good layout. I like that only the keys used most while gaming are illuminated rather than the whole keyboard. It gives it a clean look that's not overly flashy which I think will appeal to a larger crowd. The G-Unit will not slide across your desk easily thanks to its heft and rubber feet, which is very nice. I hate having to reposition my keyboard while playing because it is sliding away. The MSRP of the G-Unit is $139.99. For this price you get the keyboard, palm rest, software, and a canvas bag for storage. This is an excellent keyboard which will last for a long time, however I think it might be more popular if the MSRP were more like $99. You make the decision.
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I got the Meka G-Unit also. Did you find that the wrist rest is not perfectly flat when attached to the keyboard?
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Now that you mention it, I do notice that it was not perfectly flat.
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Sadly, that's all too common a flaw in these kinds of products. It is what it is.
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