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This may be an old issue, maybe not. I have an Integra 30.3 AVR connected to my Sony EX55 via HDMI. When I connect my LG BD player via HDMI through the BD input on the Integra, I get quick 1 second flashes of video, then black for 3 seconds or so, then 1 sec video, then black, on and on. If I run the BD directly into the TV, no problem. Changed HDMI's, same issue. This happened with my old Denon AVR, too. That's why I switched to the Integra. So, not the AVR. Not the cables. Took the LG to a Best Buy for Geek Squad help. It did it for them, too into an Insignia TV through a Yamaha AVR. Bad BD player, right? Nope. Replaced the LG with a new PS3 Slim. Same same when connected to the Game input. Tried new firmware for TV. Tried turn-on sequence changes. First the AVR, then the PS3, then the TV. Same same. Tried PS3 first, then AVR, then TV. Same same.

Oh, audio is unaffected. When I go to Pandora, herky jerky one second at a time not being able to see the screen steadily, audio is fine.

I reset the PS3 and connected via red white yellow analog to the AVR. Works fine. I'll settle for this if I can't get the HDMI to work, but it seems a shame to not use HDMI with a BluRay device.


Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance.