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Splitter question

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This may be a dumb question but i was just wondering when and why would you need to use a bi directional splitter and not just a splitter? I just updated all the cable lines in the house to rg6 and i have to add splitters and just making sure i add the right one of the two. Thanks!
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i'm pretty sure they are all bi-directional.

have you cable company do the splitting.
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All splitters are bi-directional. Directional couplers (TAPS) are a different story.

I guess that using the word "bi-directional" is supposed to make it sound more impressive or something. If you think about it, most people know that a bi-directional amp is needed for internet, VOD, etc. If they saw 2 different splitters and one was labeled "splitter" while the other one was labeled "bi-directional splitter," the one labeled "bi-directional" would probably sell quicker, even if it was a couple bucks more. It's all about the advertising.

The one that drives me more nuts is the term "amplified splitter." There's no such thing as an amplified splitter. A splitter is a passive device, no ifs, ands, or buts. No way of changing that. "Amplified splitter" refers to a standard amplifier with a splitter on the output. But, someone came up with that term and now it sells products.
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As the previous post implies, bi-directional *is* important for amps (not splitters). In the old days before cable modems & OnDemand, lots of cheap amplifiers from Radio Shack or dept. stores were one-way only. They didn't support any "return path" signal going back up to the cable co. I think bi-directional is pretty standard on most amps now, but it never hurts to check.
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