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Need a small receiver to fit a tight space- ideas?

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Hey all, I have a cubby space that's about 11.25" wide, would love to find some sort of mini receiver (or just an amp, I suppose I don't need a tuner or anything) that would fit the space. Just needs to be 2 channel, ideally up to 100 watts x 2, and with a sub out.

Thoughts? As is often the case, the more affordable, the better

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Not if there are many offerings with 100 watts in smaller form factor. But it doesnt matter much as the audible difference in power between a 40 watt amp and a 100 watt one is very little.

The sub out in 2-channel amps is realtively rare. You might as well forget that one is my guess

-Parasound Z amp:
good low price, 45 very clean watts
(you could use 2 nits, as each one is spec'ed to bridge to 90 watts at 8 ohms)
Dimensions: 9.5" wide, 1.75" tall (2" tall with feet), 10" deep
has2-channel preamp loop out, which you can feed into a sub

- Cyrus
40-70 watts, depending on the specific model
you can do the same deal with preamp out to sub
(H x W x D) -73 x 215 x 360 (mm)
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Also keep in mind that confined areas are electronic hell. Heat kills.
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It's a good point about watts. I freely admit here to audio noobism - I assumed more watts = better. School me?
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If you need that many watts.
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That's what I'm asking, for a breakdown. The space to be filled is about a 30x20 room.
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A 30x20 room is large, you don't want to go with a small amp. An amp has size requirements to generate power; there's no way to reduce the size past a certain point and still provide equivalent power levels. Which in your case will be required power levels.

For what it's worth H/K has stereo receivers with sub outputs; I believer others offer that too.
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Actually, anything over 25WPC will probably be fine, provided you have reasonably sensitive speakers.

Take a look at the calculator at http://crownaudio.com/apps_htm/desig...ct-pwr-req.htm to get a rough idea of what you need. Keep in mind it's in metric units so 20ft is just a little over 6 meters.

So, if your speakers are at 91dB and you are 6 meters away, you need 29W to get to 85dBSPL (which is pretty loud) with 5dB headroom.

Often there are a bunch of inexpensive and compact, Chinese-made Class D amps on EBay, which generally get good reviews.
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For instance, take a look at something like this SMLS -- 50WPC for less than $80:
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