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Mitsubishi WD-65737 Screen Problem

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I was watching Netflix and went to the kitchen to get a drink. When I came back there was a blotch on the bottom of the screen that almost looks like wings. The tv has been off for an hour now and I still see the blotch on the screen. I was using Netflix on the Xbox 360 connected through a Denon AVR 891 to my Mitsubishi WD 65737. From what I was able to find on the interwebs, I do not have an error code. I have attached a picture of the problem. Does anyone have any ideas how this issue can be corrected?
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I had the same TV and now a 2011 model. I've never heard of this one!

From the crispness of the edges of the wings, it's not the bulb.

It looks like something fell over onto the back mirror, or anywhere between that mirror and the screen. (I know that's not saying much.)

To check if it's that ( a physical obstruction) or a digital processing problem, please attach a very close up picture of just a portion of the edge. The higher the resolution, the better. (or if you can tell yourself, no need for a picture)
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Thanks for the reply. It appears some type of liquid leaked out of the AC vent directly over the TV and seeped in between the interior and exterior lens. For it to have happened this fast with no overt sign of a liquid on the exterior still boggles my mind. I am having my apartments maintenance man look for an issue as I write this. This problem is resolved and I took pictures while doing it on the off chance anyone else will need to meander around this models cabinet. I will post them after my phone sends the pictures to my computer.
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Man, kudos on cleaning that!
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It has been a few days but here it is. I first removed the screen from the front of the tv. There were about 25 screws holding it on.

I laid the screen face down on the floor in order to access the rear screen retainers.

I then removed the left, right, upper and lower retainers from the frame in order to get the interior and exterior lenses out.

I removed the lenses from the frame and placed them upon my couch. I peeled the layers apart in order to wipe the material from the inside of the layers. I used a baby wipe soaked in hot water to remove the mystery fluid. after I wiped the screen down, I chased the damp screen with a handheld low velocity, high volume air inflator I use on pool toys and air mattresses. This forced the water to evaporate without streaking the screen.

I then placed the lenses back into the frame, reattached the frame to the cabinet and turned the television on. That's all, it worked.

The pictures were taken with my Galaxy S II. I don't really live in a cave, it just appears that way.
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Oh yeah, just to clarify:

MFR: Mitsubishi
Model: WD-65737
MFR Date: May 2010
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Wow! Thanks for the pictures!
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In my previous Mits DLP, a 62" unit, I removed the front screen and carefully vacuumed out any dust inside the cabinet, then cleaned both the screen and the mirror. With the original bulb the picture went from dull to as brilliant as the first day I turned it on. That DLP eventually died and Mits gave me a new WD65737 for $200.00 shipped and set up after a lot of "negotiating" so I was fairly satisfied. But now that set is nearly 3 years old, the bulb has 6500+ hours on it and its starting to dim. Might need a bulb, maybe not?

What I'm curious about is whether you cleaned the mirror when you cleaned the "lens" material? How many hours are on your lamp, and are you back to really liking your picture?
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