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Purchasing Speakers for Computer - $300 Budget! (As a growing Audiophile)

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After looking for at speakers for hours and asking knowledgeable audiophiles via forums, I've been directed to buy Bookshelf Speakers with an amp/receiver and with the use of optical cabling from my computer to improve quality.

Here are a few of the specs needed:

1. Budget - I wish to stay around a $300 mark if possible (being a student with an appreciation for sound quality), perhaps $150 for speakers and $150 for the amp/receiver.

2. Size of the Room - My room is pretty much a small concrete bunker; approx. 2.5 x 3 metres in proportion.

3. Type of Music / Volume Played - I listen to a wide range of music. However, I am looking for a set that has good quality treble (e.g. for electronica) and mids (for a majority of music, inc. rock / 90s POP etc). In terms of bass, I wish to have a setup that can put out punchy, yet tight bass that does not have to be overpoweringly loud (as my room is so small, and the speakers would be within 1metre of my position). I also play a lot of games, but music is my main goal here. A comparison may be made to the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers and their performance - however, they aren't available in Australia!

4. Aesthetics - The speakers cannot be exceedingly tall. A satellite / sub setup is probably a little more preferable, but bookshelf speakers (or anything that can fit underneath a table cavity) are fine.

If anyone can lend me some assistance that would be grand! Thanks
(As I've said, I can only products available in Australia)
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Your best bet might be to look on the used market for a receiver and the speakers. You'll get more for you money that way. Are their any online classifieds for audio equipment in your area?
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or if you went active (ie internal amp) you wouldn't need a separate amp.

you could look at the Samson resolve a6 as a starting point.

berhinger, m audio, also make very capable active monitors in this price range..
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