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Low Latency Receiver For A Gamer

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Hey All,

I currently own an Onkyo HT-R680 receiver that was packaged in a 7.1 home theater set. The setup produces a good enough sound, but there is a fair amount of latency which makes fast paced gaming somewhat irritating. I have tried bypassing the receiver and connecting the consoles directly to the LCD which greatly reduces the lag. All audio processing options (dynamic EQ and volume) have been disabled and game mode has been turned on. I'm starting to think that this receiver is too cheap for my needs and I'm looking to upgrade. From what I've read, the Onkyo TX-NR809 is a pretty good value, but will it output the audio and video signals with less lag than my current receiver?

Thank you for your time!
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all receivers do some audio processing. I have not noticed any issues with my RX-V667 and consoles (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2) or computer when gaming. But then again, I am not sensitive to lag and I have the TV set to "Just Scan"
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Generally speaking, serious gamers connect directly to the TV. Most modern TV's have game mode or PC mode inputs lables that will turn off video processing to further decrease lag. When you route through your AVR or use ARC you remove that option as all the video goes through the same HDMI cable to TV.

You can run HDMI directly from game console to TV and optical audio from game console to your AVR for surround. It's a little more hassle as you have to select inputs on both the TV and AVR, but it provides the optimum gaming performance.
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Yeah, I was considering that as one of my options, but I was trying to keep my 7.1 setup working. Thanks for your input, this is probably the way I will have to go.
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Depending on the game and/or console, you should get at least 5.1 on most everything.
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I sure don't notice any lag on either my home theater pc gaming nor from my xbox360 and PS3 on my onkyo TX-nr 1007. What games are you experiencing lag with? You sure its lag introduced by your receiver?
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PS3 cannot pass 7.1 over optical and the Wii has no digital out and the 360 only does 5.1
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I have been playing Marvel VS Capcom 3 and Soul Calibur 5 with noticeable lag. When I completely bypass the receiver and plug directly into the TV the lag is gone.
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i find call of duty and gran turismo is lag killer when runned through an amp
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Yes I agree, because these games are fast paced and it can become obvious. However, Gran Turismo can put out 7.1 PCM, and when you select "big room" mode, or whatever its called, the sound is great and low in latency...anyways, I'd just like to chime in here and say if you select PURE audio mode for your surround processing on the onkyo receivers, that helps a little bit with audio latency, but for the most part, I've yet to see a mid range receiver that boasts having little to no latency. its all 30+ ms or more. ****** by pro audio standards. Its a shame too. s far as video goes, I just realized for the first time how much video lag there is when I have motion plus turned on on my Sony Bravia HX 800. It's pretty rediculous when compared to off. So thats been MY recent revelation.
But As far as audio is concerned...
DONT run optical. It has the worst latency from my personal experience. Run HDMI and on your PS3, run as many games in PCM sound format when possible. Check out your sound setup on the PS3 and be selective in which formts you want to be supported. Uncharted 3, Gran Turismo, both games that support full 5.1 / 7.1 pcm audio. There is no decompression or processing done on these formats when they hit your receiver, other than which channel to route em to. When you select DTS or Dolby formats, you are increasing latency due to the audio processing that takes place. These formats are both fancy ways of decompressing compressed audio data. PCM ftw. = less latency.
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