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Drake & Josh in HD on Nick?

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I was just watching reruns of Victorious on Nick, which is broadcast in widescreen, and towards the end of the episode "Who Did it to Trina?", Cat has a flashback to the Drake & Josh episode "I Love Sushi." After watching it for a second, I noticed that the D&J clip was also in widescreen, but the top and bottom did not appear to be cropped. It looked like it was actually shot in 16:9 HD, but Drake & Josh was always aired in 4:3 SD. So I got curious and pulled up the original episode of D&J and compared it to the Victorious clip, and it turns out it was not vertically cropped at all. The clip really was shot in widescreen.

So my question it, does anybody know if any more of the show was shot in HD, and if so, will it ever have a widescreen release? Drake & Josh is a great show, and it would be nice to be able to see it in HD.

Thanks in advance everyone.
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I know the movies and season 4 were shot in HD; not sure about seasons 1-3.

Nick HD wasn't launched til 2008 was it? Your only option is if Nick ever airs re-runs of this show (it'll be a cold day in hell) or they update the iTunes releases with HD copies like they did for the first two seasons of iCarly. They could also appear on Netflix in HD some day.

A Blu-ray release is never going to happen though.
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I didn't even know the 4th season was in HD. I remember seeing some season 4 episodes in reruns (can't remember if it was on Nick or TeenNick, though), and they weren't in widescreen. The only thing I ever remember airing in true HD was Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh.

And you're right about Nick HD not starting until 2008, but even the first season of iCarly (which is in HD) was produced and aired in 2007.

At this point, I think I'll just have to wait until a couple episodes randomly pop up on Nick (they might do it for a day or something), or until TeenNick gets an HD feed.
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Well it turns out that the fourth season really was shot in HD, which is great!

I did a little more research and found an iTunes bundle of Drake & Josh featuring seven episodes from the fourth season (including "I Love Sushi") that was released last month, and it's in HD! It's still not an entire season, but it's a start and it does show that HD versions exist.

I am still curious though if anybody knows if any episodes before season 4 were shot in HD. It would be great, but it's still nice to at least be able to enjoy some of the show in High Definition.
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Sorry to keep posting on my own thread , but I just though I should give a quick update to this. It turns out a clip from the episode "Peruvian Puff Pepper" was shown on the iCarly episode "iToe Fat Cakes," and it was also shown in a widescreen format. This means that Season 3 of Drake & Josh was also shot in HD.

Now I guess the final question is whether or not the first (probably not) or second season was shot in HD as well. Any ideas?
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Check out Netflix i believe all of D&J is on there too. the movie where they go to Hollywood was show in HD in the last 2 months cause I saw my kids watching it.

Now why Spongebob is not in HD for the life of me i don't understand.
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I've recently been really curious about this again, so does anybody have any new information about Drake & Josh episodes in HD?

Also, does anybody know if the newer episodes air letterboxed on TeenNick?

Thanks for any info you guys may have!
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