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Another outdoor setup question

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We're getting a deck built which is about 600 sq ft. I'm in the process of planning the audio system. I will tie into the zone 2 function of my onkyo 707 in my main theater. My main theater is 7.1 so I have to use the line level pre-amp outs and use zone 2 as analog. I'm going to mainly use apple TV for the source using a DAC (optical in / RCA out). I will use a cheap 2 ch amp to drive my polk outdoor speakers.

My concerns are automation for turning on/off and volume control. I'd ideally like to just take my iphone out of my pocket on the deck, and use airplay to stream iTunes or Pandora. To do this, I believe my receiver will need to be on constantly which is not a good idea even though my onkyo has room to breathe. My amp should auto-on.

Is there a way to accomplish this without my onkyo being on constantly?

Also, what's the best way to control volume with such a setup? I live in a sometimes windy area and I could foresee there being days where I'm adjusting the volume frequently to overcome background wind noise. It would be a major PITA to run down to my basement every time to change volume.

I've never setup an outdoor system before so I'd love to get some insights as to how some of you overcame these obstacles. I'm sure it can be done...I just don't know how.
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Sound like you are only planing for 2-channel?

I bought a cheap HTinBox and set up full 5.1. I use a little plastic storage unit designed for garden tool and created and outdoor equipment cabinet. You will be amazed at how good it can sound outside. I use a Roku for streaming and a BR player for discs. The HTinBox has a tuner built-in so when we want OTA music we can listen to that as well.
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Interesting. How did you go about waterproofing the enclosure? Could you share any pictures of the setup? I have a good spot where I could do that but there's no power outlet so I'd have to rewire some stuff.
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Here's the cabinet with equipment inside. I drilled a couple of holes through the shelves and one in the back to run all the wiring out to the deck. I used the heavy gauge low voltage wire (for outdoor garden lights) as speaker wire. Works fine.

[edit] Now that I see the picture, the wood on top has no A/V usage. It's there because the dog keeps dragging it up to the deck and into the house to gnaw on, so we put up there to keep it out of reach!)[/end edit]

The subwoofer stores inside. I pull it out and set it right next to the cab when I'm setting up. Subwoofer is omnidirectional, so it doesn't really matter WHERE you put it.

Cabinet closed up. Stays water tight, but it IS right next to the house, so it is somewhat shielded. IF the forecast is for high winds, I tie the doors closed. Otherwise I just close the doors.
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I'm not sure if there is a remote app for this speaker switch, but check out the Aton DLA2 with an RF remote. I have the DLA 4 with RF remote to change volume, mute and on/off multiple pairs of outdoor speakers individually. A little pricey, but works great.

My outdoor set-up summary: Using zone 2 out of my Onkyo to a Onkyo 2ch amp to the DLA4 speaker switch. There are 3 pair of Boston Acoustic Voyager 6 speakers connected to the DLA4. (1 pair over garage for basketball, 1 pair over upper deck and 1 pair under deck over patio area). The amp powers the 3 pair adequately.
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