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Sony Bravia KDS-50A3000 projection problem

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Hi, I have a Sony Bravia LCOS KDS-50A3000. The problem i am having is the red troubleshooting light on the front is blinking 6 times. I checked the lamp and that seems fine. I unplugged the tv and cleansd the dust off and let it sit in case there was a an overheating issue. The red light still blinks six times. Sony could give me no information, just repair people #s. Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks.
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6 blinks is a lamp cover error.
There is a switch that detects whether the lamp cover is completely closed. A warped (from heat) cover or housing can cause the error, as well as a bad switch.

On older models there were two switches that detected if the lamp was fully inserted and either of those would also trigger a "cover" error. (and they were not documented since they were part of the light engine - found only by tracing wires)

Of course a failure on the main board could also cause the processor to fail to detect the switch.
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Hello Tankbulldog,

Good afternoon! My name is Amanda Maffei and I work for the SonyListens department. I'm sorry to hear that about your Television and we want to help get this resolved. Please email us at Sonylistens@am.sony.com, with your contact information, mailing address, full model number and the issue that you're currently experiencing. I assure you we will get back to you with a response within 1 to 2 business days or sooner. Thank you! =)

-Amanda Maffei

SonyListens team
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